Subjunctive Verb Conjugations in 3 easy steps!

Subjunctive Verb Conjugations in 3 easy steps!

In this Spanish Quick Tip Lesson you will learn an easy 3 step process to quickly conjugate verbs in present tense subjunctive form.

If you’re like most Spanish learners when you hear the word “subjunctive” you freak out a little bit. The Spanish subjunctive has such a bad reputation, but once you dive into what it is and how your form it, there is an easy way to memorize the conjugations and uses. Once you learn this strategy, you’ll be on your way to speaking more advanced Spanish.

If you’re reading this and wondering… “what the heck is the subjunctive?“…

head over to this lesson where I explain all about how and when it’s used ūüĎČ

3 Tips To Use The Spanish Subjunctive

Watch this Quick Tip lesson and learn this easy 3 step process

3 Step Process to Easily Conjugate Present Tense Subjunctive Verbs

1. Put the verbs in the Present Tense “Yo” Form1. Salir (to leave) – Yo salgo
2. Drop the -O2. Salg__
3. Add opposite endings:
– verbs that end in -AR adopt the ER / IR endings
– verbs that end in -ER/ IR adopt the AR endings
3. Opposite endings:
– Yo salga
– T√ļ salgas
– √Čl, ella, usted salga
– Nosotros salgamos
– Vosotros salg√°is
– Ellos, ellas, uds. salgan

Vamos a ver unos ejemplos…

1. Comer = Yo como
2. Com
3. Opposite endings = coma
Es importante que usted coma cuando tome este medicamento.
1. Llegar = Yo llego
2. Lleg
3. Opposite endings = lleguemos
¬°OJO! When verbs end in “gar” to preserve the pronunciation they take on a “gue”
Mis padres insisten que nosotros lleguemos a tiempo.
1. Hacer – Yo hago
2. Hag
3. Opposite endings: t√ļ hagas
Recomiendo que hagas el tour de tirolesa en Costa Rica.

Let’s see how you do…Conjugate the verbs in the sentences below:

  1. Quiero que ella _______ (leer) este libro.
  2. Recomendamos que ustedes _______ (comer) en el restuarante nuevo.
  3. Ella duda que yo _______ (poder) terminarlo.
  4. No creo que nosotros ________ (llegar) a tiempo.
  5. Me alegra que ellos __ _______ (casarse) pronto.

answers: lea, coman, pueda, lleguemos, se casen

Watch the lesson and download the notes and quiz!

¡Te toca a ti! Let’s practice…

  1. Click on the red button to take the Quiz. ‚¨áÔłŹ
  2. Submit your quiz and get your results!

Give it a try ‚Äď write an example sentence using the subjunctive in the comments below.

Take a deeper dive into the Spanish Subjunctive… Join me in this 3 lesson course and massively improve your Spanish!

Ace the Subjunctive!

Take a deeper dive into the Spanish Subjunctive… Join me in this 3 lesson course and massively improve your Spanish!

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