Care instructions in Spanish after minor procedures

Care instructions in Spanish after minor procedures

Care instructions in Spanish after minor procedures

Easy phrases to communicate at home care instructions after minor procedures.

In this post you’ll learn how to…

  1. Explain what was done in the visit
  2. Give clear after care instructions
  3. Discuss options for pain relief
  4. Describe warning signs to watch out for

Here is the video lesson on care instructions in Spanish after minor procedures:

Common Minor Procedures in Spanish:

  • Cerrar la lesión con puntos / suturas = Close the wound with stitches
  • Colocar o retirar: el DIU, el implante = Place or remove the IUD, the implant
  • Congelarle la verruga = Freeze the wart
  • Hacerle = to do (on you)
    • una biopsia de _____ = a biopsy of ____
    • una circuncisión a su hijo = a circumcision on your son
    • una colposcopia = a colposcopy
    • una vasectomía = a vasectomy
  • Inyectarle: la rodilla, la cadera, el hombro, la mano = inject your: knee, hip, shoulder, hand
  • Limpiar las lesiones en los pies = clean the wounds on your feet
  • Quitarle = to remove (from you)
    • un cuerpo extraño = a foreign body
    • la etiqueta de la piel = a skin tag
    • una sección de tejido del cuello uterino (LEEP) = a section of cervical tissue
    • una uña del dedo de pie = a toenail
  • Sacar una muestra de tejido para: análisis, una biopsia = to take a tissue sample for: analysis, biopsy

Instructions to follow in Spanish:

For these instructions to follow after a minor procedure, let’s just use the starter phrase “It’s important” = es importante and then add your instruction to the end. The great thing about using the starter phrase “Es importante…” is that your next verb doesn’t need to be conjugated in Spanish.

Es importante…

  • Cambiar la venda cada # horas = change the bandage every # of hours
  • Dejar que permanezca la costra / no quitar la costra = let the scab be / don’t remove the scab
  • Mantener el área limpio y seco = keep the area clean and dry
  • No sumergir ____ en el agua.  = don’t submerge ____ in the water
  • No ducharse / bañarse por # días = don’t shower / bathe for # of days
  • No introducir nada en la vagina durante # horas / días / semanas = don’t put anything in the vagina for # of hours / days / weeks
  • Recordar que la inyección empieza a funcionar en unas 24 horas y tiene su efecto completo entre 1 y 2 semanas = Remember that the injection begins to work in 24 hours and has its full effect between 1 and 2 weeks
  • Usar la tablilla (splint) todo el tiempo = use a splint all the time
  • Usar otro método de contracepción por # semanas = use other form of birth control for # of weeks

Pain control suggestions in Spanish:

For giving pain control suggestions in Spanish, we’ll use some “if” phrases. In these examples below we’re using two if phrases: “If you have pain you can…” and “If you experience pain you can…” These phrases are conveniently followed by unconjugated verbs as well.

Si tiene dolor / si experimenta dolor puede…

  • Tomar # de pastillas de ibuprofeno (acetaminofén) cada # horas. = Take # ibuprofen or acetaminophen every # hours
  • Usar compresas (frías, calientes) para aliviar el dolor = use cold, hot packs to alleviate the pain
  • Hacer actividad física leve, practicar yoga = do light physical activity, practice yoga
  • Practicar la meditación = practice meditation

Precautions to take:

Like the previous pain control suggestions in Spanish, these warning precautions also use “if” phrases to guide a patient’s next steps for follow up care.

El dolor:

  • Si no puede controlar el dolor con sus medicamentos… = if you can’t control the pain with your medications…
  • Si su dolor se empeora y no lo puede tolerar… = if your pain gets worse and you can’t tolerate it

Una infección:

  • Si la piel alrededor de la incisión está roja y caliente… = If the skin around the incision is red and hot…
  • Si tiene fiebre sin explicación… = if you have an unexplained fever
  • Si sale pus de la incisión… = if pus is coming out of the incision
  • Si ____ está inflamado… = if ____ is inflamed
  • Si hay sangrado de ____ … = if there is bleeding from ____

Necesita / Debe:

  • Hacer una cita = make an appointment
  • Ir a la sala de emergencias = go to the emergency room
  • Llamar a la clínica = call the clinic

Learn the lesson vocabulary here with this quizlet vocabulary set:

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