Medical Work Abroad - MissionCMEcuador

Medical Work Abroad – MissionCMEcuador

Medical work abroad Mission CMEcuador

Have you been looking for an ethical and sustainable opportunity to do some clinical work abroad? If so, MissionCMEcuador is accepting providers and Spanish/English interpreters to join its next trip.

I’ve known Dr Lynn Walker for many years… in fact she delivered our first child 19 years ago! She has also been a long-time Common Ground client working on her own Medical Spanish. About 5 years ago, shortly before the pandemic, we started chatting about a new project she wanted to start that included week-long CME trips for providers who want to do clinical work in Latin America. She’s been running trips for a couple of years now and they’re going great! 

If you’re looking for an opportunity to do clinical work abroad in a Spanish speaking country while earning up to 30 CME credits, check out my conversation with Dr Lynn Walker!

In short, MissionCMEcuador partners with the local Ministry of Health and local medical school in Otavalo Ecuador to:

  1. Spend a week abroad providing medical care in an under-resourced clinic
  2. Teach local medical students and interns
  3. Enjoy local tours 

These trips are open to: Licensed Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Associates, 3rd Year Residents, specialists (on a case by case basis), and Spanish/English Interpreters.

Learn more here at MissionCMEcuador’s website & mention Common Ground when you register to get $100 off your trip fee!

By the way: Dr Walker’s trips are more about clinical work than medical Spanish development. And conversely, we don’t do clinical work on Common Ground trips, we focus on language :). If you’re ready to work on your medical Spanish, travel on medical Spanish immersion this summer with me at the CGI Team! Our registration deadline for summer ’23 trips is fast approaching; we’ll close down registration on April 20th.

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