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As you know, we specialize in Spanish language resources, training & travel.

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  • Hi I’m Bruce
    I have no real reason to learn Spanish, I just want to. I have been at it for about a year now making some progress between work and family life.

  • Hi, I'm Filipino and know English. I'm very eager to learn Spanish too, hence I joined the community.

  • Hi,I same help before a take my medical interpreter test.most of my Jobs is going to be workconpensation.
    Josue madrigal

    • Hi Nagi, we'd love to help you improve your Spanish and get you integrated into one of our travel experiences. I'll reach out over email. Cheers, Rory

  • Hi, I am an mental health provider who works in a Hispanic community. I would like to learn Spanish that specializes in the Mental Health issues for families and my students.

  • Hi! I’m excited to start this process. I’ve had several Spanish classes and try to do some on my own but I’m still horrible at understanding Spanish when I hear it spoken. I can figure it out in written form but it takes me forever to respond. I’m a bit anxious about the interactive part.

  • Hello Everyone ~ I have taken Spanish classes but I am not fluent. I live near a city in which most of the residents are either Puerto Rican or Dominican and all of the store signs are written in Spanish! Though I know isolated nouns and verbs, I am actually excited about learning how to speak the language!