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  1. Hi I’m Bruce
    I have no real reason to learn Spanish, I just want to. I have been at it for about a year now making some progress between work and family life.

  2. Hi,I same help before a take my medical interpreter test.most of my Jobs is going to be workconpensation.
    Josue madrigal

  3. Anna Sandoval

    Hi, I am an mental health provider who works in a Hispanic community. I would like to learn Spanish that specializes in the Mental Health issues for families and my students.

  4. Hi! I’m excited to start this process. I’ve had several Spanish classes and try to do some on my own but I’m still horrible at understanding Spanish when I hear it spoken. I can figure it out in written form but it takes me forever to respond. I’m a bit anxious about the interactive part.

  5. andrea bliss-lerman

    Hello Everyone ~ I have taken Spanish classes but I am not fluent. I live near a city in which most of the residents are either Puerto Rican or Dominican and all of the store signs are written in Spanish! Though I know isolated nouns and verbs, I am actually excited about learning how to speak the language!

    1. Hi Roland, thanks for the note! We would love to have you join the group! Registration is still open and you will not miss much at all by joining today!

  6. I look forward to expanding my Spanish. I’ve been doing Duolingo for six months and want to practice more. I use Spanish when I am purchasing gardening supplies in my community, when I travel to visit my sister in Mexico or vacation there, and occasionally for work as an early childhood special education consultant

    1. Hi Ardith, Intercambio is the perfect complement to online learning apps like Duolingo because it gets you speaking in authentic extemporaneous conversations. We look forward to working with you!

  7. Im searching for the notes you explained about in your video posted on Labor and deliver nurse. i attempted to take notes but the background with the words was too blurry to read. thank you so much for this site!


  8. Lois Kellenbenz

    Hi Rory,
    You already know me—Sandy and I were part of Leslie’s original conversation group at the coffee shop in Erie. That informal group is continuing, and sometimes I’m looking for resources when we want to practice certain grammar (verbs! Pronouns!). I don’t use Facebook, but I thought the newsletter might help.
    ¡Saludos a Leslie y la familia!

  9. Hi! I am excited about recommitting to learning and become fluent in the Spanish Language. I am a non-traditional student currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Special Education with a minor in Spanish.

  10. Bernice Williams

    I am a community health nurse and I teach prenatal classes. Recently I have had spanish speaking patients and I would like to learn medical Spanish to meet the health care needs of my clientele

  11. Linda Christensen

    Im a pediatric office nurse with a lot of patients who are Spanish. I would really love to bridge that language barrier.

  12. I am just an old retired home maker. But I am fully aware that everyone today needs to learn the Spanish words for key items; like body parts, bodily functions, etc. Ppl who REFUSE to learn any Spanish just annoy me.

  13. Is there a group that focuses on mental/behavioral health? I am a doctor and live in Denver but might be interested in Costa Rica immersion as well

  14. Penny Patiño

    I work in a medical office for females and we get quite a few Hispanic speaking patients sent from other offices and I would love to be able to translate and conversate with them with out having to call a translation line.

  15. Alberto Roca Álvarez

    I am a language teacher in Asuncion, Paraguay, and I am deeply interested in this field of work, so all resources, methods and techniques are of my interest. I highly appreciate the possibility to join a community of peers where I can exchange ideas and experiences.
    Looking forward to learning more!

  16. I had several years of spanish in school and college and would like to brush up to teach my kids more…since that was a long time ago.
    Thanks and appreciate it.

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