Present Tense Stem Changing Verbs in Spanish for healthcare

Present Tense Stem Changing Verbs in Spanish for healthcare context

Present Tense Stem Changing Verbs in Spanish for healthcare context

This free Medical Spanish lesson focuses on Present Tense Stem Changing Verbs in Spanish for healthcare context. It’s great that verbs follow a predictable pattern for conjugations in Spanish, but there is a type of verb called a stem-changing verb in Spanish. In this lesson I teach how stem changing verbs work in Spanish.

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Let’s start with some examples of stem changing verbs in Spanish

  1. El paciente tiene dolor en la rodilla. Tener (e>ie) = The patient has pain in the knee
  2. Él no puede mover la rodilla. Poder (o>ue) = He can’t move his knee
  3. Cuando mueve la rodilla, tiene mucho dolor. Mover (o>ue)  = When he moves the knee, he has a lot of pain.
  4. La mamá no duerme bien. Dormir (o>ue) = Mom does not sleep well
  5. Ella se despierta muchas veces en la noche. Despertarse (e>ie) = She wakes up many times in the night.
  6. Ella dice “Solamente quiero dormir”. Decir (e>i) = She says “I just want to sleep”
  7. Ella vuelve a la cama e intenta otra vez. Volver (o>ue)  = She goes back to bed and tries again

There are 4 common stem changes, and they all follow the same pattern:

Medical Spanish stem changing verbs

Examples of stem changing verbs in Spanish:

Cerrar (e>ie) = To close



Yo… cierro = I close Nosotros… cerramos = we close
Tú… cierras = you close Vosotros… cerráis = You all close
Él, ella, usted… cierra = He/She/You close Ellos, ellas, ustedes… cierran = They/you all close

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Pedir (e>i) = To ask for



Yo… pido.  = I ask for Nosotros… pedimos = we ask for
Tú… pides = you ask for Vosotros… pedís = you all ask for
Él,  ella, usted… pide = He/She/You ask for Ellos, ellas, ustedes… piden = They/You all ask for

Volver (o>ue) = To return



Yo… vuelvo = I return Nosotros… volvemos = we return
Tú… vuelves = you return Vosotros… volvís = you all return
Él,  ella, usted… vuelve = He/She/You return(s) Ellos, ellas, ustedes… vuelven = They/You all return

Now for some practice…

  1. La doctora _______ [volver (o>ue)] pronto. The doctor returns soon. (vuelve)
  2. Nosotros _______ [volver (o>ue)] al hospital. We return to the hospital (volvemos)
  3. Tu _______ [preferir (e>ie)] yoga para ejercicio.  You prefer yoga for exercise (prefieres)
  4. ¿Qué _______ [preferir (e>ie)] ella? What does she prefer? (prefiere)
  5. Yo no _______ [poder (o>ue)] respirar bien.  I can’t breathe well (puedo)
  6. Nosotros _______ [poder (o>ue)] ayudar. We can help (podemos)
  7. Las enfermeras _______ [medir (e>i)] al bebé. The nurses measure the baby. (miden)
  8. La mamá _______ [pensar (e>ie)] en el futuro. Mom thinks about the future. (piensa)

I packaged all of this into easily downloadable .pdf notes– Get your copy for free today!

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