Medical Spanish Adverbs of Location, Frequency & Manner

Medical Spanish Adverbs of Location, Frequency & Manner

Adverbs in Spanish - Sloth

In this free Medical Spanish lesson you will learn how to say use some medical Spanish adverbs of location, frequency and manner: adverbios de ubicación, frecuencia y manera en español médico.

In this lesson you will learn:

  • What an adverb is
  • Adverbs of location in Spanish (The sloth lives up in the tree)
  • Adverbs of frequency in Spanish (The sloth only comes down from the tree once a week to poop)
  • Adverbs of manner in Spanish (The sloth moves slowly)
  • Some practice to start using them correctly

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¿Qué es un adverbio? – What is an Adverb?

Los adverbios son palabras que modifican al verbo para describir:
Adverbs are words that modify a verb to describe:

  • Cómo haces algo / How you do that action (verb)
  • Dónde haces algo / Where you do that action (verb)
  • Qué tan seguido haces algo / How often you do that action (verb)

Adverbios de lugar – Adverbs of Location

Credits: Steve Richey 

Los adverbios de lugar nos dicen dónde ocurre una acción. Pueden referirse a la ubicación, la distancia, la posición de un objeto en relación con otro objeto, y pueden ser direccionales.

Adverbs of place tell us where an action takes place. They can refer to location, distance, an object’s position in relation to another object, and can be directional.

Aquí, Acá here
Allí, Ahí there
Alláway over there
Adentro inside
Afuera outside
Lejos far
Adelante in front
Atrás behind

Ejemplos de uso:

  • Aquí están los resultados: Here are the results.
  • Favor de esperar allí en la sala de espera: Please wait there in the waiting room.
  • El bus pasa cerca, la parada no queda lejos de aquí: The bus passes by close, the bus stop is not far from here.

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Adverbios de frecuencia – Adverbs of Frequency

Credits: Photo by Adam Tinworth

Los adverbios de frecuencia indican la frecuencia (cantidad de veces) con que se realiza una determinada actividad o acción.

Frequency adverbs indicate how often a certain activity or action takes place.

Siempre always
Nunca, jamás never
A menudo often
A veces sometimes
Mucho a lot
Poco little
Con frecuencia, Frecuentemente frequently
Apenas hardly, just barely
Diariamente daily
De vez en cuandofrom time to time

Ejemplos de uso:

  • Me duele la cabeza a menudo, casi diariamente: My head hurts often, almost daily.
  • Yo hago ejercicio muy poco: I do very little exercise.
  • Es importante siempre comer verduras y de vez en cuando comer dulces: It is important to always eat greens and from time to time eat sweets.

Adverbios de manera – Adverbs of Manner

Credits: Photo by Rainy Wong 

Los adverbios de la manera indican cómo se lleva a cabo o se desarrolla una acción.

Adverbs of manner indicate how an action takes place or develops.

Asílike this
Rápido quickly
Difícilmente with difficulty
Mal badly
Muy very

Ejemplos de uso:

  • Levante los hombros así por favor (encoger): Shrug your shoulders like this.
  • No se preocupe, lo hacemos rápido y normalmente no duele: Don’t worry, we do it quickly and normally it doesn’t hurt.
  • Después de la cirugía, es importante caminar cuidadosamente (con cuidado): After surgery, it’s important to walk carefully.

Download the Medical Spanish Adverbs Notes TODAY

Su tarea – Your Homework

  1. Review the notes & vocabulary
  2. Identify additional points and topics to discuss with patients
    • Let me know if you need help 🙂
  3. Remember to keep it simple if you need to
  4. Ask for help in the comments below
  5. Give it a try with your patients!

Now it’s your turn! I packaged all of this vocabulary in Spanish into some flashcards for you to study.

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