Blood Pressure Management in Spanish

Blood Pressure Management in Spanish

Blood pressure management in Spanish

Lesson 2 in our routine well visit series is all about blood pressure management in Spanish. In this lesson we’ll cover:

  1. Important vocabulary for conversations on blood pressure management in Spanish
  2. What blood pressure is and how to talk about the ranges of blood pressure
  3. Complications and risks of not controlling blood pressure
  4. Medications for controlling blood pressure
  5. Lifestyle changes to help control blood pressure

Here is the lesson you requested on hypertension and blood pressure management in Spanish

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Vocabulario general sobre presión sanguínea – General Vocabulary about Blood Pressure

La dietaDiet
Alta enHigh in
Baja enLow in
La fuerza contra las paredes de las arteriasThe force against the walls of the arteries
La presión arterialBlood pressure
La presión sanguíneaBlood pressure
Presión altaHigh blood pressure
La presión sistólicaSystolic pressure
La presión diastólicaDiastolic pressure
Manguito de presiónBlood pressure cuff

La presión y rangos de presión – Blood Pressure and its Ranges

¿Qué es la presión arterial? – What Is Blood Pressure?

La presión arterial es una medición de la fuerza contra las paredes de las arterias cuando su corazón late y cuando está en reposo (entre latidos). Blood pressure is a measurement of the force against the walls of the arteries when your heart beats and when it is at rest (between beats).

La fuerza contra las paredes de las arterias cuando el corazón late se llama la presión sistólica. The force against the artery walls when the heart beats is called systolic pressure.

La fuerza contra las paredes de las arterias entre latidos se llama la presión diastólica. The force against the walls of the arteries between heartbeats is called diastolic pressure.

  • 120/80 = “Ciento veinte sobre ochenta” – One hundred and twenty over eighty
  • 130/90 = “Ciento treinta sobre noventa” – One hundred and thirty over ninety
  • 140/90 = “Ciento cuarenta sobre noventa” – One hundred and forty over ninety

Riesgos (complicaciones) de presión alta – Risks (complications) of high blood pressure

Normalmente la presión alta no presenta síntomas – es importante checar/controlar la presión regularmente. High blood pressure usually has no symptoms – it is important to check / monitor your pressure regularly.

Los riesgos de no controlar la presión son – The risks of not controlling pressure are:

  • Ataque cardíaco – Heart attack
  • Accidente cerebrovascular – Stroke
  • Aneurisma – Aneurysm
  • Insuficiencia cardíaca – Heart failure
  • Vasos sanguíneos debilitados y estrechados en los riñones – Weakened and narrowed blood vessels in the kidneys
  • Vasos sanguíneos engrosados, estrechados o desgarrados en el ojo – Thickened, narrowed, or torn blood vessels in the eye
  • Síndrome metabólico – Metabolic syndrome
  • Problemas con la memoria – Memory issues
  • Demencia – Dementia

Medicamento: Anti-hipertensivos

Diurético – píldora de aguaDiuretic – water pill
Inhibidores de la enzima convertida de angiotensina (ECA) “ACE”Angiotensin Converting Enzyme Inhibitors (ACEi)
Bloqueadores de los receptores de la angiotensina (BRA) “ARB”Angiotensin-receptor Blockers (ARBs)
Bloqueadores de los canales de calcioCalcium channel blockers
Inhibidores de la reninaRenin inhibitors
AlfabetabloqueadoresAlpha and beta receptor blockers
Agentes de acción centralCentral action agents
Antagonistas de la aldosteronaAldosterone antagonists

¡Gracias POR compartir su aventura de español conmigo!

Su tarea – Your Homework

  1. Review the notes & vocabulary
  2. Identify additional points and topics to discuss with patients
    • Let me know if you need help 🙂
  3. Remember to keep it simple if you need to
  4. Ask for help in the comments below
  5. Give it a try with your patients!

Keep up the good work speaking responsible Spanish to your patients! Check out our other books, classes & products to help you learn medical Spanish!

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