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Spanish for Educators

SpanishforEducators300x200Spanish for Educators: Help your LEP Students succeed!

Spanish for Educators provides some basic, yet specific Spanish skills to help you manage your classroom and give clear direction to your limited English students, you can help make their transition into an English speaking classroom much more achievable.

Year after year we have more Spanish only students in our schools working hard to fit in with their classmates and succeed in school. The goal of our Spanish for Educators classes is to help educators communicate effectively in Spanish with students and parents who are not yet fluent in English. Whether you choose to provide Spanish for Educators training during your School District’s Summer Teacher Trainings, on teacher workshop days, Summer Spanish Immersion programs in Costa Rica, or at another convenient time in the year, we will customize these Spanish for Educators classes to fit the unique needs of your school.

Like all of Common Ground International’s Spanish classes, these class are dynamic, conversational, and provide you with practical Spanish skills to help you manage typical classroom situations.

The Beginning I Spanish for Educators course helps you:

  • Communicate classroom rules and behavior expectations
  • Express curriculum objectives to students and their parents
  • Learn Spanish vocabulary for the classroom (classroom objects, etc.).
  • Explain student schedules, classroom subjects and times

The Beginning II Spanish for Educators course helps you:

  • Report incidents to parents
  • Make phone calls home
  • Discuss evaluations and assessments with parents
  • Negotiate Parent-Teacher conferences
  • Learn Latino cultural norms and its views on education


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