Costa Rica Packing List: What to pack for your family vacation

Costa Rica Packing List: what to pack for your family vacation

Costa Rica Packing List

Costa Rica Packing List: Here is what to pack for Costa Rica…

Packing and preparing for a family to embark on an international adventure can be a huge task!

If you’re anything like me, packing is like trying to strike a fine balance between having just what you need, but not too much stuff! Costa Rica has so much adventure to offer and various climates. The trick is to pack light and adequate for all your activities and the climate!

If you want some help with packing, follow these basic considerations, then get our family Costa Rica packing list:

  1. Costa Rica is a tropical country with diverse eco-systems (from mountains, cloud forest, rain forest, deserts to coastal climates). Depending on where you go, you will need to pack for the various elements; from swimsuits to rain jackets.
  2. Be prepared for frequent weather change throughout the day. Layers, layers, layers are key!!!
  3. Costa Rica has two seasons:
    • The dry season: From Dec. through May (less rain)
    • The rainy season: From May through November (more rain)
  4. The average daily temperatures range between 70 and 80 degrees during the day and can dip into the 60’s at night (depending on where you are). You will hit those 90 temps at the beach and those cooler temps in the mountains. In either case, you will not run into snow 🙂  and pay attention to my MUST HAVES, (in addition to your passport of course)!

I hope that this list helps you prepare for your Costa Rica adventure. If you are looking for more tips and tools to save you time and money, check out our Costa Rica Family Vacation Travel Hacks page for free travel planning tools and paid services! Be sure to comment on this blog and let us know what other tips and tools you would like.

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