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Por and Para Teacher Lesson Guide

Por and Para Teacher Lesson Guide

Por and Para Spanish Grammar Teacher Lesson Guide


My students often ask about the uses of POR and PARA. I bet you get that question a lot also. POR and PARA is a complex grammar topic for second language learners to grasp. As teachers, we have all types of tricks and tools up our sleeves. My students enjoy the acronym in this lesson; it helps them keep all the uses in order. They also enjoy any lesson that has a life application project in it. This is a multi-step lesson that you can use, tweak, differentiate and implement in your classes. Have fun with it! By the way, let me know how it goes by sharing your student’s projects here on our Facebook page and/or giving me feedback directly.


  • ¡APRENDER! Learn the difference in uses between the Spanish prepositions POR and PARA that  both mean “for.” Por and para are not interchangeable, they both have distinct uses
  • ¡MEMORIZAR! Memorize this acronym PERFECT DREEMS (yes, DREEMS with two EE’s).
  • ¡PRACTICAR! Practice your new knowledge by completing the included practice exercises.
  • ¡APLICARLO! Apply it in real life situations and in the life application project included.

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