Medical Spanish Immersion Testimonials

Medical Spanish Immersion Testimonials

Read what our recent participants are saying about this Medical Spanish Immersion program.

Medical students on Spanish immersion in Costa Rica

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Overall this has been a great immersion program. The best part about this program for me was being able to strengthen my Spanish speaking skills and learning more about medical Spanish. This will help me so much in my career as a pharmacist in communicating with my Spanish speaking patients. It was also such a great experience to be able to discover and learn about Nicaragua and Costa Rica, they are beautiful countries with beautiful people. Staying with host families really helped to heighten my overall experience in the program and helped to learn so much about what life is really like in these countries. Rory and Leslie did a good job with planning the whole program and guiding us along the way.

–E. Tuby-Lukan, Summer 2017 Participant

CGI’s Medical Spanish Immersion in Nicaragua is truly a wonderful experience. Not only was I able to strengthen my Spanish skills, I also gained a better perspective on working with communities of different cultural backgrounds. It was great being able to stay with a host family and being able to practice speaking Spanish each day with them. And most important of all, the volunteering portion of the trip was a rewarding experience and worked really with the day-to-day schedule.

–B. Villanueva, Summer 2017 Participant

Learning Spanish through CGI is probably the best way to learn Spanish (and I have tried it all, my friends). I started with Spanish classes in school with CGI but what really put me way ahead of my PA peers, was this immersion program. Not only did I get to spend three weeks in a beautiful country with a lovely host family but I increased my Spanish level from beginner to early advanced while making some great friends and having fun adventures. Living with a host family contributed to the total immersion of the program as well as increased my vocabulary, cultural awareness, and provided that warmth and comfort that one needs at the end of a long day! Best of all the Foster family (owners of CGI) are there every step of the way and care about each and every one of their students and their experiences. I’m looking forward to going back soon!

–C. Cork, Summer 2017 Participant

I had a great experience! Common Ground did a great job of meeting my needs and helping me work through any issues I was having. We were given reasonable expectations before the trip and I feel like that helped me throughout the entire trip. It was a wonderful experience where my Spanish really improved, I made great friends and learned a lot about a different health care system. It was extremely challenging at times because the days are long and a lot of work, I was pushed out of my comfort zone and faced a lot of frustration with my language limitations but that is what really pushed my Spanish to the next level and I expected all of those things. I would recommend this trip to any of my friends looking for a true immersion experience!

–E. Hiney, Summer 2016 Participant

Medical Spanish Immersion Trip NicaraguaI think the title of your company says it all, Common Ground. We live a global community. So thanks once again, going on the Common Ground Immersion trip was the best decision I could have made this summer.

–P. Whyde, Summer 2016 Participant

Soon after returning from Costa Rica I had a rotation in Greeley. With such a small staff on site, my Spanish skills were put to use several times. I completed a sports physical exam in Spanish, which required giving a lot of directions on my part, and my patient did everything that I asked! It’s so much easier to learn Spanish quick when you’re surrounded by it all day long. I would definitely recommend the 4 week trip over three weeks if you have the time!Medical Spanish Immersion Trip Costa Rica Outreach

–K. Elmquist, Summer 2016 Participant

If you want a vacation, don’t do this trip. If you feel stuck, mediocre, or like your routine is mundane and uninteresting and you want to do, know, offer more GO!!!

–R. Schwietert, Summer 2016 Participant

I would highly recommend going on the Common Ground trip. The people are awesome and treat you like family. There is no doubt that they are there to help you learn spanish and make you feel comfortable. Immersion trips are definitely the way to learn a language. I miss my host family now that I’m back, and still whatsapp mi mama tica every now and then. The weekends are free for you to explore and there is no better time than on the beach with your friends, next to the jungle with monkeys.

–S. Louie, Summer 2015 Participant

Medical Spanish ImmersionExposing myself to another culture has made me into a more well rounded and competent provider. I learned skills that I know I will use in my patient interactions as well as in my daily life. Common Ground made my trip to Costa Rica more than I could have ever expected. This experience was something I will never forget!

— L. Miller, Summer 2015 Participant

I think that after the immersion, I can honestly say that I am fluent (able to converse without hesitation) in Spanish. The immersion program really helped give me courage to speak and make the transition from being good at reading and writing to speaking and listening. I also feel that the immersion program was just the beginning for me to go forth and continue to learn the language and perhaps seek certification in the future. Common Ground International has put together a great program that meets the needs of its students and addresses many different areas of language learning through its organized activities!

— J. Jones, Summer 2015 Participant

Medical Students in Children's Hospital on Spanish ImmersionMy Spanish success story would be when my husband came to visit for a couple days, and Ronaldo drove us to Manuel Antonio. Ronaldo also picked me up my very first day. He stated that my spanish had improved greatly, and I was able to talk to him the whole way to and from the beach. What an awesome feeling! If you want to learn spanish and experience another culture, then Costa Rica is the trip for you. My Spanish greatly improved in just as short as 5 weeks!

— K. Prince, Summer 2015 Participant

For me, this trip taught me lessons that they do not include in the medical school curriculum. I was able to gain an understanding of the culture of many of my future patients. No other experience in school has taught me this much about another culture, about healthcare abroad, and about myself. And Spanish has been a goal of mine for years, and after this trip I feel that I have finally made some significant progress. It’s true that immersion is the best way to learn. I am excited to be able to use Spanish with my patients in a few months to connect with them on an entirely different level than I could have before.

— C. McGinn, Winter 2015 Participant

Medical Spanish Classes on Spanish Immersion in Costa RicaI was initially very nervous about joining this program. I was not a strong Spanish and had little experience in traveling outside of the United States. The other students involved in the program as well as the coordinators, leaders and instructors are really welcoming and supportive. They help overcome any fears, or problems you might encounter.

This was a great experiences, it exceed my expectations. I made great improvements on my Spanish, developed a greater understanding of how different health care systems work and what aspects I find beneficial. I was also surprised how much I learned about myself and the skills I didn’t expect to develop.

— E. Killingsworth, Winter 2015 Participant

CR gave me a wonderful jumpstart to learning medical oriented Spanish to better interact with my patients and their families. The ELEC school was excellently run, perfectly executed, and with fabulous instructors who were patient and encouraging and fun. The amount of time balanced between “field trips,” the social missions, and the school were great. The food was wonderful and easy for the tourist/student to tolerate. Overall, a wonderful way for the adult learner to begin and continue to learn Spanish.

– M. McDonald, Winter 2015 Participant

Medical outreach on Spanish Immersion in Costa RicaCGI is a very well rounded program. They focus on Spanish language, cultural experiences, career growth and its always fun! The program leaders are so helpful and welcoming! All of the experiences/excursions were obviously well thought out and meticulously planned out. Everyday went smoothly but I know a lot of work went into every detail and connection. This is much appreciated and it definitely MADE our experience!!

–S. Pirrie, Summer 2014 Participant

This trip offered a great opportunity to immerse myself in the spanish language while also maintaining a health focus. The opportunity to stay with a host family in such a loving community is once in a lifetime. This trip was a great experience that I would recommend to all of my friends.

–K. Spira, Summer 2014 Participant

Great experience overall! This program provided me with a thorough overview of the health care system in a foreign country while also providing me with numerous opportunities to improve my Spanish!

–J. Hoerauf, Summer 2014 Participant

Medical outreach on Spanish Immersion in Costa RicaThis trip was an experience of a lifetime, and I would recommend it to anyone wanting to broaden their understanding of Spanish or another culture.

–A. Stenftenagel, Summer 2014 Participant

CGI’s Summer Immersion program for healthcare professionals was one of the most valuable experiences I’ve had during my medical training thus far. My language skills improved immensely – I feel like I am now able to listen to and understand Spanish in a meaningful way. This will undoubtedly make a huge difference in my professional career and in my interactions with patients as I continue to study and improve my Spanish.

–Anonymous, Summer 2014 Participant

This was overall an amazing experience and a great trip and I would like to do it again someday. I had a great time and learned a ton and not just about Spanish.

–T. Petty, Winter 2014 Participant 

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