International Travel Suggestions: 10 Tips for your next trip

International Travel Suggestions: 10 Tips for your next trip

International travel suggestions; especially in Central America

International travel is amazingly fun and educational, but it does offer plenty of opportunity for challenges and difficulties. Thankfully, most of these can be avoided or at least reduced with a little forethought and planning.

Check out our top 10 international travel suggestions below and have a successful trip!

When we travel internationally, our big focus is always Spanish language immersion. We emphasize language immersion because we firmly believe that the confident and accurate use of Spanish (in our case) is a true professional skill and an ability that you can use to benefit others in your communities back home. Our programs include:

  • Host Family Lodging
  • Spanish classes customized to your area of study/profession
  • Community outreach work in Spanish
  • Weekend adventures

In the video I invited you to contact me if I could help you with anything. I meant it….Contact Us if you need some advice.

Of course, if our Spanish immersion programs look like a good fit for you, we’d love to have you join!


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Rory is passionate about the Spanish language, an expert instructor, and specifically energized by the practical use of language in industry & community settings.
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3 responses to “International Travel Suggestions: 10 Tips for your next trip

Rosellen Li

Dear Rory
One more thing you need to mention: When taking cash make sure it is new. When I was in Mexico I had a lot of cash but the banks would not exchange it if it had the minutest tear. Some of my bill had minute what I would describe as beginning to tear sign along where they had been folded and the banks refused to accept them, nor would the stores or restaurants.


Great tip Rosellen – yes it’s definitely important to have bills in good condition. Thanks for the note 🙂

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