Spanish for Parent Teacher Meets- Supporting kids at home

Spanish for Educators – Spanish for Parent – Teacher Conferences: How to Support Kids at Home


In this free Spanish for Educators lesson we are talking about Spanish for Parent – Teacher Conferences: Reuniones de padres y maestros.

The objective of this Spanish lesson is for educators to learn the appropriate vocabulary to answer the most common questions you get from parents and guardians. In this case, these questions are related to giving support to kids at home. Likewise, the focus of this lesson is learning strategies in which parents can support their kids at home regardless of homework and academic issues.

Su reto profesional: use this new vocabulary to build informative and supportive phrases to parents and guardians during parent – teacher conferences. Additionally, practice the most common verbs in Spanish to use in your classroom.

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One of the most common questions you receive from parents/guardians is:

¿Qué puedo hacer en casa para ayudarlo(a) a mejorar en las materias que tiene dificultades?
What can I do at home to help him/her improve in the subjects in which he/she is struggling?

Escenarios / Scenarios

These are some scenarios that you might come up during parent – teacher conferences and that might prompt their questions:

Spanish English
Su hijo/a: Your child:
No está entregando la tarea      He / she is not turning in homework
Está trabajando bajo de nivel de clase    He / she is working below grade level

Está trabajando más alto de nivel de clase

  He / she is working above grade level
Tiene dificultad en la organización de los materiales para la escuela  He / she has difficulty in organizing their school materials
No termina la tarea / Los proyectos  He / she doesn’t finish their homework / projects
No está leyendo en casa   He / she is not reading at home

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Sugerencias de los Maestros – Maestras  / Suggestions from Teachers

Now it’s time to give some suggestions in Spanish to parents/guardians that they can apply right away 😀

Spanish English
Empiece a trabajar en la tarea de su hijo/a todas las noches  Begin working with your child at their homework every night
Solo debe asistirlo cuando requiera ayuda

You should only help him / her when he / she requires assistance

No haga la tarea

Do not do their homework

Repasa los apuntes de su hijo/a y ayúdale a corregir los errores  

Review your child’s notes and help him / her correct mistakes
Usar varias estrategias para estudiar para los exámenes: Use several strategies to study for exams:
Hacer flashcards

Create flashcards



Enseñe a un adulto el material a estudiar

Teach an adult the material to study



Establecer que los deberes son una prioridad fundamental   Establish that school work is a fundamental priority
Estar disponibles para preguntas de clarificación To be available for clarification questions
Asegurar que su hijo/a tenga los materiales necesarios para hacer la tarea Ensure that your child has the necessary materials to do homework
Animar a su hijo/a  

Encourage your child

Ayudarles a desarrollar buenos hábitos de estudio

Help them develop good study habits

Establecer una rutina de trabajo después de la escuela: Establish a work routine after school:
Una hora regular para estudiar en la casa

A regular hour to study at home

Un área de estudio que:

A study area that:

◦ Esté bien iluminada

◦ is well lit

◦ Sea cómoda

◦ is comfortable

◦ Esté libre de distracciones, sea tranquila

◦ is free of distractions and quiet
Asista en horas de oficina después de la escuela para recibir ayuda   Attend during office hours after school to receive help
Trabaje con un/a tutor/a o asista a una clase particular

Work with a tutor or attend a private class

Plan para afrontar asuntos académicos / Plan to deal with academic matters

In some cases, parents ask about a plan to help them out with the academic challenges so here are some suggestions:

Spanish English
Pasos para tomar en casa: Steps to take at home:
  1. Hacer un plan, buscar soluciones juntos  
1. Make a plan, look for solutions together

2. Pedir ayuda si necesitan de tutores

2. Ask for help if they need tutors

3. Programar una reunión de seguimiento

3. Schedule a follow-up meeting

Now It’s Your Turn! / Ahora es tu turno

Teachers implement this new vocabulary during parent / teacher conferences and help kids get the support at home, help them improve their grades, and deliver homework on time! 🙂

I packaged all of this into easily downloadable .pdf notes– Get your copy for free today!

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¡Arriésguense, abran la boca y cometan errores!

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