Different Ways to Talk About Periods in Spanish

Different Ways to Talk About Periods in Spanish

Learn to Talk About Periods in Spanish

Talking about menstruation can be uncomfortable for some people, but it is an important part of women’s health that should be discussed openly and without shame. There are several ways to refer to periods in Spanish, and it’s useful to know them to communicate effectively. Here we explain the most common terms and provide examples of how to use them in different contexts. We also include questions that healthcare workers might ask their patients about their periods.

1. El Periodo

The term “el periodo” is a very common and neutral way to refer to menstruation. It is easily understood in any context and is appropriate for both informal and formal conversations.


  • Informal Conversation: “Creo que me va a venir el periodo pronto, estoy teniendo muchos cólicos.” (“I think my period is coming soon, I’m having a lot of cramps.”)
  • Conversation with a Healthcare Professional: “Mi periodo siempre llega tarde, ¿debería preocuparme?” (“My period is always late, should I be worried?”)

2. La Regla

“La regla” is another very common and colloquial term for referring to a period. This expression is widely used in Spain and several Latin American countries.


  • Informal Conversation: “No puedo ir a nadar hoy, tengo la regla.” (“I can’t go swimming today, I have my period.”)
  • Conversation with a Healthcare Professional: “Mi regla es muy irregular, a veces no me baja por meses.” (“My periods are very irregular, sometimes I don’t get them for months.”)

3. La Menstruación

“La menstruación” is the medical and technical term for talking about a period. It is more formal and is used mainly in health and educational contexts.


  • Informal Conversation: “He leído que la menstruación puede durar entre 3 y 7 días.” (“I read that menstruation can last between 3 and 7 days.”)
  • Conversation with a Healthcare Professional: “¿Es normal tener tanta menstruación durante varios días?” (“Is it normal to have heavy menstruation for several days?”)

Common Questions from Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare workers, such as doctors and nurses, often ask several questions to better understand their patients’ menstrual cycles and detect possible problems. Here are some common questions about periods in Spanish:

  1. ¿Le duele su menstruación?
    • “Does your menstruation hurt?”
    • This question is asked to determine if the patient experiences menstrual pain, which can be a symptom of various medical conditions.
    • Example Response: “Sí, tengo mucho dolor cada vez que me baja la menstruación.” (“Yes, I have a lot of pain every time I get my period.”)
  2. ¿Cada cuánto tiene su periodo?
    • “How often do you have your period?”
    • Asking about the frequency of periods helps identify irregularities in the menstrual cycle.
    • Example Response: “Normalmente, mi periodo viene cada 28 días.” (“Normally, my period comes every 28 days.”)
  3. ¿De qué color es su regla?
    • “What color is your period?”
    • The color of menstrual blood can give clues about overall health and potential problems.
    • Example Response: “Mi regla es roja oscura al principio y luego se vuelve más clara.” (“My period is dark red at first and then it gets lighter.”)
  4. ¿Utiliza toallas femeninas o tampones?
    • “Do you use sanitary pads or tampons?”
    • Knowing the type of menstrual products a patient uses can be helpful for advising on menstrual hygiene and comfort.
    • Example Response: “Prefiero usar tampones porque me parecen más cómodos.” (“I prefer to use tampons because I find them more comfortable.”)

Talking about menstruation openly and clearly is crucial for maintaining good women’s health. Knowing the different terms to refer to periods in Spanish and how to use them will help you communicate effectively in both informal conversations and as a healthcare professional.

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