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Por vs. Para Spanish Grammar Lesson (for learners)

Por vs. Para Spanish Grammar Lesson (for learners)

Spanish Grammar Lesson: Por vs. Para

If you’ve ever had trouble saying “for” in Spanish, you’re not alone!

Let’s talk about POR vs. PARA: The key to understanding por vs. para is to think of the meaning you want to convey. For example:

  • If I use a phrase such as “three for a dollar” in English, the “for” has a different meaning than it does in “this book is for you.”
    • In the first case: “three for a dollar” the “for” indicates an exchange or rate.
    • In the second example: “this book is for you” “for” indicates an intention or direction.
  • Thus the Spanish translations of the two phrases are different: “tres por un dólar” and “este libro es para ti.”


  • ¡APRENDER! Learn the difference in uses between the Spanish prepositions POR and PARA that  both mean “for.” Por and para are not interchangeable, they both have distinct uses
  • ¡MEMORIZAR! Memorize this acronym PERFECT DREEMS (yes, DREEMS with two EE’s).
  • ¡PRACTICAR! Practice your new knowledge by completing the included practice exercises.
  • ¡APLICARLO! Apply it in real life situations and in the life application project included.

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