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Texting in Spanish…Ayuda! Como se dice LOL?

Texting in Spanish…Ayuda! Como se dice LOL?

Abbreviations for texting in Spanish

Dollarphotoclub_73313860-300x200Ever wonder how to spice up your text messages with some Spanish abbreviations? Here are a few to help you stay on the cutting edge of texting in Spanish.

  1. tas OK? = ¿Estás bien? — Are you OK?
  2. k/q = que, qué — that, what
    por ejemplo:
    ¿k pasa? – What’s happenin’
  3. nph = no puedo hablar — I can’t talk now.
  4. finde = fin de semana — weekend
  5. k risa!= ¡Qué risa! — What a laugh!
  6. salu2 = saludos — hello, goodbye
  7. pf/xfa = por favor — please
  8. tqm = te quiero mucho — I love you a lot
  9. kyat = cállate — Shut up
  10. bss = besos — kisses
    jeje/jiji/jaja — lol/haha
  11. qn = quien —  who/whom
  12. dnd = donde — where
  13. pq/xq = porque/por que/por qué/porqué — because, in which, why, the reason

Just as in English, texting in Spanish has created many abbreviations, variations and personal shorthands; there is no way we could cover every acronym or abbreviation. However, the above tips cover the basics and will give you a good start on your way of efficiently texting in Spanish.

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