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Spanish Pronunciation Basics: the Vowel Sounds

Spanish Pronunciation Basics: the Vowel Sounds
Free Medical Spanish Pronunciation Lesson

Medical Spanish Pronunciation. Lesson 1: The Basics

Quick Tips for Basic Spanish Pronunciation:

  1. The vowel sounds in Spanish are consistent:
    • A = /ah/
    • E = /eh/
    • I = /eee/
    • O = /oh/
    • U = /ooh/
  2. The general rule of Spanish pronunciation is “if you see it, you hear it”

Vocabulary for this Spanish pronunciation basics lesson:


Anestesiólogo Male anesthesiologist
Ayudante de enfermero Nurse’s aid
Cardiólogo Male cardiologist
Dermatóloga Female dermatologist
Dietista Dietician
Doctor Male doctor
Endocrinóloga Female endocrinologist
Enfermera de práctica avanzada Female nurse practitioner
Laboratorio Lab
Médico Male doctor
Médico internista Male internist
Neumóloga Female pulmonologist
Neurólogo Male neurologist
Obstetra Obstetrician
Odontóloga Female dentist
Oftalmólogo Male ophthalmologist
Oncólogo Male oncologist
Ortopedia Orthopedics
Ortopedista Orthopedist
Partera Female midwife
Pediatra Pediatrician
Pediatría Pediatrics
Podólogo Male podiatrist
Radióloga Female radiologist
Reumatólogo Male rheumatologist
Secretario Male secretary
Terapeuta del habla Speech therapist
Terapeuta física Female physical therapist
Terapeuta respiratorio (Male respiratory therapist



Download the full Professions, Specialties & Departments Vocabulary Flashcard Set -the vocabulary base for this course

Now you get to practice! Get started with the quiz below. Don’t worry, you can take it as many times as you like to keep practicing

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