Medical Spanish Pronunciation: 7 lessons to master medical words

Medical Spanish Pronunciation: 7 lessons to master medical words in Spanish

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This is a 7 lesson medical Spanish pronunciation course that will help you master pronunciation of medical words in Spanish.

In this medical Spanish pronunciation course we will cover the essentials of pronouncing medical words in Spanish. Here are the lessons in this course:

  1. The vowel sounds in Spanish. Learn how the vowel sounds consistently guide Spanish pronunciation and help you sound like you speak Spanish!
  2. Pronouncing Special Letters in Spanish. The ñ, rr, and ll have unique sounds in Spanish and proper pronunciation often distinguishes between words.
  3. Pronouncing the H and J in Spanish. These are two letters in Spanish that are pronounced consistently in Spanish, but differently from English.
  4. Sound Variations of the C and G in Spanish. The c and g in Spanish are tricky letter that you need to be careful with to ensure that you’re pronouncing words properly.
  5. Accents and Identifying Natural Stress in Spanish. It’s one thing to have the right sounds for letters in Spanish, but you also need to know where the natural stress of a word lies so that you can say it properly. Accents function to change the natural stress of words, and usually change the meaning of a word as well.
  6. 4 Common Exceptions to Spanish Pronunciation Rules. Of course there are exceptions! At least the exceptions aren’t random, this lesson will help you identify exceptions to the Spanish pronunciation rules.
  7. Spanish Pronunciation for French Speakers. This is a special lesson for all of those medical Spanish learners who have a history with French. We see students struggle to adopt to Spanish pronunciation norms; but this lesson uncovers a handful of words and letter combinations that are common mistakes for French speakers.

If you need to work on your pronunciation, this is the perfect course for you!

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3 reviews for Medical Spanish Pronunciation: 7 lessons to master medical words in Spanish

  1. Laura

    I was a little skeptical about how much I would learn in taking a course about pronunciation, especially after having experience studying in Costa Rica speaking Spanish. However, now that I have taken the course I am so glad that I decided to try it. Not only has my pronunciation improved but I can honestly say that my ability to spell and to understand Spanish has also improved. I now see that pronunciation of words, even if they are spelled similarly, (eg Pero vs. Perro) can help new Spanish students understand speakers without having to rely on context (something we have to do a lot in English!)
    The head of Common Ground International, Rory, also does an excellent job of keeping lessons quick, informative and entertaining. His visuals and examples make sounds easy to remember and his pronunciation sounds exactly like what I heard while studying in a Spanish Speaking county. Highly recommend!
    Laura Miller RN, BSN, AGNP student

  2. Lenise M, PharmD

    I highly recommend this course to all Spanish language students in medical professions who want to learn to speak Spanish properly. The content is clear, concise and the audio & visual elements helped me quite a bit. It is great for beginners and can be used as a review course for the more seasoned Spanish student. The embedded vocabulary used to demonstrate the various sounds in Spanish is all medical professions & specialties. The quizzes can be taken repeatedly and feedback is instantaneous. I also liked the vocabulary flashcard downloads.

  3. Marian

    The first lesson was great! Even though it was a review, it could be for the beginning beginner or intermediate. The medical word choices were challenging and multisyllabic. The quiz was ingenious and helpful and thorough. Can’t wait to take the rest of the course! It seems perfect, that I can work at my own pace, keep moving productively on learning medical Spanish, and have fun too. Learning the challenging medical pronunciations will help me learn more words and piece together more meaningful sentences. The first lesson was a perfect start! -MPM, MD, FACS

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