Las Posadas Cultural Classroom Activities for Spanish Teachers

Las Posadas Classroom Activities

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Spanish teachers – Las Posadas classroom activities!

Spanish teachers, this is an easy-to-implement Las Posadas culture pack. All lesson plans and activities are included for you!

There are several days of lesson plans and activities that are all ready to go in this unit. You can use it for a day or a week and is perfect for both middle and high school Spanish students regardless of their level. You can pick and choose how much you’d like to implement based on the time you have.

These lessons help you re-enact the Posada holiday tradition in your classroom and teach Posadas customs through various literacy, music, and art-based activities. In the process of participating in these literacy and hand’s on activities, students will experience how other cultures celebrate the holidays.

Download your Las Posadas Cultural Unit and Activities TODAY!

Las Posadas classroom activities! Spanish teachers, use these lesson plans and hand’s on materials to teach about Las Posadas through music, art and history. Re-enact Las Posadas with these easy to implement templates.

IN THIS LAS POSADAS CULTURAL UNIT YOU WILL GET … Diverse activities that shed light into this cultural tradition and set your students up to re-enact the Posada celebration in class. We have included:

    • A CI Article: Las Posadas Navideñas written primarily in the present and past tenses. It is great for advanced beginning levels and beyond. This article includes vocabulary exercises and comprehension questions as well.
    • A step-by-step template and all materials to re-enact a Posada celebration in your classroom
    • Vocabulary activities that builds upon rich holiday vocabulary.
    • Several Posada recipes that your students can use as a homework project.
    • Step-by-Step Instructions to make your own posada piñata 
    • Canto Para Pedir Posada song lyrics in Spanish and English

This lesson plan is easily implementable and templated to create a Las Posadas cultural experience in your classroom. Follow this template and you will create a student-directed cultural celebration in your classroom. For example, your students will:

  • Make their own piñatas (recipe, instructions and link to comprehensible input video included)
  • Make their own traditional posada foods and bring them to class to share (recipe and instructions included for homework)
  • Lead the class in the traditional Canto de Pedir Posada song  
    • Las Posadas vocabulary and comprehension activities
    • Fun, creative, art and music based activities in the target language
    • Resources to videos, songs, and more activities all about Las Posadas so that you can add as much additional content or homework activities as you wish. 
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1 review for Las Posadas Classroom Activities

  1. Becky Harlow

    Excellent activities and cultural themes for teaching “Las Posadas.”

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