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Beginning Medical Spanish Semester Course

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This Beginning Medical Spanish course is perfect for the learner who doesn’t know any Spanish yet, and wants to learn it intensively in the medical context.

Anschutz Medical Campus: Mondays, August 19 – December 2 (3:00-4:50p)

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Beginning Medical Spanish Semester Course Details

Dates: Mondays, August 19 – December 2, 2019
Times: 3:00 – 4:50pm
Location: Anschutz Medical Campus
Contact for Questions: Rory Foster: [email protected]

This Beginning medical Spanish semester course is a 30hr class that combines the content of both Beginning 1 and Beginning 2 Medical Spanish classes into one course for the length of the academic semester. You will be learning medical Spanish with an interdisciplinary group of students and professionals. Review the course content on the Medical Spanish classes page to see if this is the right medical Spanish class for you!

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Reflections from recent Beginning Medical Spanish learners:

I really liked that you set up an environment where it was ok to try to speak Spanish (as poorly as we did speak) without judgement.  I didn’t like how much we were assigned each week.  I stopped at 1 hour every week but I rarely finished what I was supposed to.  I’m afraid I just had too much else on my plate to complete everything as desired.  Because of this I often felt a bit more stressed than last semester when the expectations were lower. Anonymous

I really liked when we would review things from the week before and continually build on everything we learned previously. I really liked the songs and around the world game to help remember things. Sarah S.

Rory is so fun!  It makes class at the end of the day and end of the week not horrible!!!  It’s a big deal! I’ve benefitted most from the vocabulary and the ability to communicate clearly. Christine C.

It was a good course and I did learn a lot of medical terms which was good. Using some more English when everyone was confused would have helped though. I think taking patient information and understanding the symptoms and telling them how to use medication was most beneficial. Anonymous

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4 reviews for Beginning Medical Spanish Semester Course


This course was a great asset to my career and none of the other Spanish classes I have taken compare to this one. I loved that instead of just having written exams and quizzes all the time, Leslie spent more time making sure we could have a conversation that would be understood by both parties than just remembering line. I would recommend CG if you are looking to learn Spanish in a very low stress, fun environment.


This course is great for beginner Spanish speakers who want to learn how to communicate with their patient population (or have an interest in medical Spanish in general) and practice their Spanish speaking skills. Topics are easy to understand and build on the material from the previous lecture which really helps in putting everything together at the end. This course definitely prepares and enables you to communicate in Spanish and understand the same at a beginner level.


This class was very fast paced, a lot of info in a short amount of time. I learned a lot more than I was expecting.


This class focus spends more time talking and less time writing. It really helps to take get a feel for the language and teaches you to get your point across.

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