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Online Beginning Spanish for Pharmacists

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This online Beginning Spanish for Pharmacists course is perfect for the pharmacist, pharmacy student, pharmacy technician who doesn’t know any Spanish yet or who knows very little Spanish and wants to learn it intensively.

Live Taught Courses Offered: Fall & Spring Semesters

Self-directed courses Offered: At your convenience

There are 15 Lessons in this Beginning Spanish for Pharmacists course:

  1. Greetings & pronunciation in Spanish
  2. Two verbs “To Be” in Spanish: Ser & Estar
  3. Common symptoms & using Ser to talk about what medications are for
  4. Anatomy in Spanish: general body parts, organs & body systems
  5. Talking about pain in Spanish
  6. Injuries in Spanish
  7. Regular present tense verbs in Spanish
  8. Irregular present tense verbs in Spanish
  9. Collecting patient information in Spanish
  10. Cheater commands and medication instructions in Spanish
  11. Affirmative & negative commands in Spanish
  12. Medication counseling for specific conditions
  13. Preterite past tense in Spanish
  14. Imperfect past tense in Spanish
  15. Final projects

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13 reviews for Online Beginning Spanish for Pharmacists


I’m very satisfied with this course. The pace was great for a beginner like myself, and the lessons were very clear and easy to follow. The course material is very relevant to the pharmacy setting and has already improved my ability to communicate with Spanish speaking patients.


The class was very organized and presented the topics in a way that was enjoyable. I did not have much background before this and I now have a much better understanding. Rory Foster was my instructor and he was great! He did anything that was needed to further my learning.

Christoph Thode

Rory was phenomenal at presenting the information and made the online videos interesting to watch that you were able to do on your own time. The live classes made it easy to solidify the language better in actual conversation, making it easier to transfer directly into real life scenarios.

Alexandria Marie Smith

This course was a great way to dust off the Spanish skills that I learned back in high school and to apply it to my future profession in pharmacy. This is a high paced course and you learn a lot if you take time to dedicate to studying. Very applicable content and a very effective instructor!


I really enjoyed how this class was set up. It was a great refresher from taking Spanish classes in high school, and I feel more equipped to communicate with patients now. Rory Foster is an awesome professor, full of enthusiasm and you can tell how much he loves teaching Spanish.

Nicholas Tieu

I took the Beginning Spanish For Pharmacists course with Rory Foster and I had a great time while learning another language. The content is very straightforward and exactly how learning a language should be. It is especially applicable to those in the medical field so that is a plus. Rory is incredibly nice, understanding and encouraging. He made the class a lot of fun. I recommend anyone with an interest in medical spanish take this course!


I have a very limited Spanish background and was still able to learn a ton of language related to patients and pharmacy. I enjoyed this course and I am looking forward to taking more Spanish courses in the future.


I really enjoyed taking this class! I’ve been able to communicate with patients.


This class is a good refresher if you’ve already taken a spanish course in the past! It is fast paced, but you learn a lot in a short amount of time. I’ve been able to use things I’ve learned in this class with my spanish speaking patients.


This course was a great asset to my career and none of the other Spanish classes I have taken compare to this one. I loved that instead of just having written exams and quizzes all the time, Leslie spent more time making sure we could have a conversation that would be understood by both parties than just remembering line. I would recommend CG if you are looking to learn Spanish in a very low stress, fun environment.


This course is great for beginner Spanish speakers who want to learn how to communicate with their patient population (or have an interest in medical Spanish in general) and practice their Spanish speaking skills. Topics are easy to understand and build on the material from the previous lecture which really helps in putting everything together at the end. This course definitely prepares and enables you to communicate in Spanish and understand the same at a beginner level.


This class was very fast paced, a lot of info in a short amount of time. I learned a lot more than I was expecting.


This class focus spends more time talking and less time writing. It really helps to take get a feel for the language and teaches you to get your point across.

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