Introduction to Spanish Subjunctive

Introduction to Spanish Subjunctive


The Spanish subjunctive is really not that bad, but it has a reputation for tripping up Spanish learners.

Once you learn how and when to use it, it’s fun and your Spanish sounds more sophisticated! In this Spanish Subjunctive Course you will finally understand how and when to use it AND you will implement it right away during class activities. You will…

  • Learn what it is and why it has such a bad stigma.
  • 3 necessary elements that necessitate its use.
  • How do you know when to use it. And how do you use it.
  • Present tense subjunctive verb conjugations.
  • When to sometimes, always and never use the subjunctive.
  • Review present and past subjunctive verb conjugations.

Who is this class ideal for?

The ideal student has studied Spanish before and has a working knowledge of present tense verbs and knows how to conjugate them. You are also able to communicate in the present tense and have can form and express sentences.


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