Spanish for Teachers | Parent Teacher Conferenes in Spanish

Spanish for Teachers | Conducting Parent Teacher Conferences in Spanish

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Teachers, you have a HUGE task…Making sure parents, students and guardians are all on the same page when it comes to education. It’s even harder to do it in Spanish. With this Parent Teacher Conferences in Spanish Course, I guarantee your effort in learning how to communicate in Spanish with your parents/guardians during conference time will bring you many steps closer to achieving that educational partnership.

There are many ways to conduct PT conferences. In this course we delve into the vocabulary, verbs and sentence structure you need to touch upon the most important topics during conferences.

We provide you with quick and easy video lessons, downloadable lesson notes, templates, flashcards, quizzes and other activities for further study to acquire these Spanish skills and to test your knowledge.

This course focuses on learning real-life, relevant Spanish needed in order to communicate with parents/guardians during Parent / Teacher Conferences. The emphasis of this course is to help educators communicate effectively in Spanish with students and parents/guardians who are not fluent in English. 7 foundational online lessons give you the necessary grammar and vocabulary to communicate in Spanish about the following topics:

  1. Lesson 1: Beginning the conference
  2. Lesson 2: Talking about student’s strengths and weaknesses
  3. Lesson 3: Key vocabulary and Verbs to express Academic Performance
  4. Lesson 4: Academic Performance in math and literacy
  5. Lesson 5: Communicating ongoing actions – present progressive
  6. Lesson 6: Positive and Negative behavior characteristics
  7. Lesson 7: Parent Questions and Support

Who is this course for?:

  • This Spanish course is for classroom teachers that need to quickly learn Spanish to communicate during parent/ teacher conferences to their Spanish-speaking students, families, parents and guardians.
  • This Spanish course is geared toward the teacher that has a basic knowledge of present tense verb conjugations and needs to acquire the vocabulary to execute conferences in Spanish.

4 Pasos: In each lesson there are 4 steps to complete the lesson:

  1. Paso 1: Download lesson notes and vocabulary lists
  2. Paso 2: Watch the lesson and take notes using the lesson notes provided
  3. Paso 3: ¡Práctica! Practice the lesson objectives in a variety of practice activities
  4. Paso 4: Application: Implement this Spanish, right now, today in your communication with students, parents and guardians

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1 review for Spanish for Teachers | Conducting Parent Teacher Conferences in Spanish

  1. Monica Ionis

    This course was fantastic! I learned so much vocabulary I was able to immediately use for my conferences this year. Definitely print up the notes and follow along with Leslie’s videos. It’s worth your time!

    • Leslie Foster

      Gracias Monica! Great job working diligently through the course. Keep it up!

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