Online Medical Spanish: Past Tense Verbs in Spanish

Online Medical Spanish: Past Tense Verbs

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The past tense in Spanish is one of the more tricky concepts for English speakers learning Spanish. Since there are two primary past tenses, it’s a little like SER vs ESTAR, POR vs PARA and Subjunctive vs Indicative.

In this course I take a deep dive into the two primary past tense verb conjugations in Spanish: Preterite tense and Imperfect tense. I teach you the regular forms of the verbs, irregulars, stem changers, and verbs that change meaning in the past tenses.

We provide you with quick and easy video lessons, downloads for further study, practice activities, and quizzes to test your knowledge

Join the course today and master past tense verbs in Spanish!

When it comes to past tense verbs, you have two primary goals:

  1. Learn the conjugations of both the preterite and imperfect tenses
  2. Get comfortable with the different uses of the preterite and imperfect past tenses

In this course on Mastering Past Tense Verbs in Spanish, you’ll learn the most common regular and irregular Spanish verbs used in the medical context. Additionally, you will learn:

  • Preterite and Imperfect past tense conjugations for regular verbs in Spanish
  • Preterite and Imperfect past tense conjugations for irregular verbs in Spanish
  • How -car, -gar, and -zar verbs conjugate in the past
  • Verbs that change meaning in between the two past tenses
  • How to know which tense to use based on the context you’re speaking about

The course includes:

  1. Instructional videos
  2. Examples of Past Tense Verbs in Spanish used in clinical contexts
  3. Practice quizzes to test your mastery of Past Tense Verbs in Spanish
  4. Prepackaged downloads for self study and note taking

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4 reviews for Online Medical Spanish: Past Tense Verbs

  1. Mary Hunt

    best online course that I have taken. varied content, entertaining and plenty of opportunity to practice and test new skills. exactly what I needed to brush up for my upcoming trip to central america

    • Rory

      Glad you enjoyed it, Mary… See you in Costa Rica in a few days!

  2. Christine Cork

    Lessons are good and often entertaining. Practice is awesome! Now, it doesn’t take me an hour to remember how to say it in past tense!!

  3. Jennifer Anderson

    Rory has a way of explaining the different past tense conjugations so that it feels easy to learn. I learned nuances that I never quite understood even after taking 4 years of college level Spanish. The flashcards are really helpful to review the meanings of different verbs. The repetition from the quizzes at the end of each lesson are really helpful to make sure you understand the material. Also, to be able to learn on the go when you have time is a huge plus!

  4. Leila Hojat

    Lectures are excellent with lots of good examples, ways to simplify topics, and memory tools. Also each lecture has additional worksheets and most have online flashcards to help you get more practice on the topic. Definitely recommend both for first-time learners and for those looking to review.

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