Complete Guide to Taking Medical History in Spanish

Complete Guide to Taking Medical History in Spanish

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Taking a complete medical history in Spanish requires a strong command of numbers, demographic information symptoms, surgeries, talking about the past and much more!

In this online medical history in Spanish course you will learn how to complete the following aspects of medical histories:

  • Patient Intake Forms in Spanish

  • Essential numbers & Units of Measure

  • General Medical History in Spanish

  • Surgical History in Spanish

  • Social History in Spanish

  • Ob/Gyn History in Spanish

  • Family Medical History in Spanish

  • History of the Current Problem in Spanish

  • Review of Systems (ROS) in Spanish

Each lesson in this online medical history course includes:

  1. A video lesson with downloadable notes & practice activities to follow along
  2. Vocabulary building exercises so that you can have your medical history conversations fluidly
  3. Brief mini-grammar highlights to help you expand and formulate your own specific conversations
  4. Practice quizzes that test your learning

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2 reviews for Complete Guide to Taking Medical History in Spanish

  1. Liz Allshouse

    Excellent course – clearly developed with input from health care professionals! This course is comprehensive and well organized. The multiple formats are conducive to a variety of learning styles, speeds, and levels, and the videos include specific suggestions for different levels of Spanish. All the modules include sentence/question structures so that you can tailor the medical history to your specific specialty and/or patient population. The videos also include important cultural information and language nuances that extend beyond the vocabulary and sentence structures. I would strongly recommend this course to any provider that wants to better connect with their Spanish-only patients and families!

  2. leila.hojat

    Excellent course, gives you all the vocabulary needed to interview your patient comprehensively without being overwhelming. Topics are divided nicely. Gives you the tools you would need to figure out how to ask anything that specifically isn’t addressed in the course as well. And provides tips to help build rapport with the patient. I would highly recommend this course to any medical provider at a high beginner to intermediate level, either as a guide to learning the entire medical history or to build upon the vocabulary that you already have.

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