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Speedy Spanish for Employers


Speedy Spanish for Employers is a ready resource for any employer of Spanish speaking workers.

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Speedy Spanish for Employers is a ready resource for any employer of Spanish speaking workers.

This pocket size Spanish phrasebook, with a unique tab index that gives fingertip access to all the phrases needed to bridge the English-Spanish communication gap in many businesses  is a great asset for every team. Comprehensive and user-friendly, it includes key Spanish phrases and vocabulary on workplace topics such as work experience, housework, agriculture/farm work, construction, restaurant, and verb commands. Learn how to interview a perspective employee and gather accurate information or how to explain a task. Minimize miscommunications with your employees with a flip of a page with Speedy Spanish for Employers. An affordable and portable resource, Speedy Spanish for Employers will help you expand your Spanish vocabulary and communicate better with your Spanish-speaking employees so you can job done right.

Small enough to fit in a pocket, clip board or glove compartment, carry Speedy Spanish for Employers with you where every you go. Be prepared for those in-the-moment translations situations or pull it out to study over your lunch break. Speedy Spanish for Employers is made of thick plastic paper and comes with a clear vinyl cover, making it very durable. Easy to use and carry on the job, Speedy Spanish for Employers is a vital resource for employers in any business.

Each word or phrase comes with a phonetic Spanish translation guide. For example:

Please bring the lumber/ bricks from the truck.

Favor de traer la madera/ los ladrillos de la troca.

fah-vohr deh trah-ehr lah mah-deh-ra/ los lah-dree yohs deh lah troh-kah

Table of Contents:

  • Basic Phrases
  • Time/ Numbers
  • Personal Information
  • Work Experience
  • Housework
  • Yardwork
  • Construction
  • Restaurant/ Phrases
  • Tools
  • Verb Commands
  • Agriculture/ Farm Work

Title: Speedy Spanish for Employers

Publisher: Baja Books

ISBN: 9780961582913

Pages: 24

Size: 5.5″x3.5″

Availability: In stock (can be backordered)

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