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Spanish Vocabulary


Three Spanish Vocabulary guides to help you learn and remember important Spanish words and phrases.

Spanish Vocabulary– Spanish words and phrases for everyday use.

Spanish Vocabulary contains Spanish words and phrases for everyday use. This 6-page, laminated quick study guide is an excellent tool for beginning Spanish learners to get a jump start on their learning and expand their vocabulary as well as a great resource for travelers. The Spanish Vocabulary guide includes:
• common adverbs & adjectives
• common phrases & pronunciation
• measurements & numbers
• clothes, colors & sports
• bank, travel & weather
• days, seasons & time
• food & restaurants
• computer •related words
• and much more…

Title: Spanish Vocabulary

Publisher: BarCharts, Inc.

ISBN: 9781572225503

Pages: 6 pages (double-sided, 3-panel fold out, laminated)

Size: 8.5x 11″

Spanish Vocabulary 2 Intermediate– vocabulary essential for achieving proficiency in Spanish.

Spanish Vocabulary 2 Intermediate is an entirely new set of vocabulary for more advanced learners. Mastery of vocabulary is essential for achieving proficiency in a foreign language. This guide presents several vocabulary-related topics such as Confusing Word Pairs, False Friends, Idiomatic & Other Meaningful Expressions, Functional Expressions, and Useful Vocabulary, which will help you to better understand what you hear and read in Spanish and to write and speak more clearly and accurately.

Title: Spanish Vocabulary 2 Intermediate

Publisher: BarCharts, Inc.

ISBN: 9781423216704

Pages: 6 pages (double-sided, 3-panel fold out, laminated)

Size: 8.5x 11″

Spanish Vocabulary Quizzer– Over 100 test questions and answers to help you reinforce your understanding of Spanish vocabulary.

Spanish Vocabulary Quizzer contains lists of vocabulary words organized by topic, such as Travel, Computer, Housing, Weather, Studies & Workplace, Sports, The Body and more. The last two pages consist of test questions that will help you solidify your understanding of the vocabulary terms listed in the guide. Answers to all the questions are included so you can check your progress and learn from your mistakes.

Title: Spanish Vocabulary Quizzer

Publisher: BarCharts, Inc.

ISBN: 9781423217435

Pages: 6 pages (double-sided, 3-panel fold out, laminated)

Size: 8.5x 11″

All of the Spanish Vocabulary Quick Study Guides are laminated, in a 3-panel fold out format and whole punched. These guides are portable and durable. You can write on them with dry-erase markers or highlighters and erase your notes when you’re done. Since they are 3-whole punched, you can keep them in your Spanish class binder for easy use and reference when you’re studying for that test or working on that paper. Since the Spanish Vocabulary guides are color-coded by topic, you can quickly and easily find what you’re looking for.

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