February & Spring Break Spanish Immersion trips | Costa Rica

Mid-Winter & Spring Break Spanish Immersion Programs

Spend your February or Spring Break on Spanish Immersion in Costa Rica!

Meaningful short-term travel programs for high school students are a great way to spend your mid-winter or spring break! Every spring we help students speak Spanish better on our mid-winter and spring break Spanish immersion programs.


This short term Spanish immersion program is ideal for the Spanish student who is looking for a fun trip that will also help them improve their Spanish proficiency. When you travel with Common Ground International, you don’t just tour; you come home with strengthened Spanish skills, enhanced cultural awareness, and a new appreciation for life.

Our spring break and mid-winter travel programs are modeled after our summer Spanish immersion programs with a unique blend of classes, service-learning, host families, and adventure travel that make for a great language experience! Many spring students choose to travel and study Spanish with Common Ground International so that they can perform better on their spring IB Spanish and AP Spanish exams. However, the programs are open to any high school Spanish student, and this definitely isn’t a last ditch effort to salvage a decent score on the upcoming tests; the 1-3 teacher to student ratio provides each student the opportunity to get that attention they need to improve their Spanish proficiency.  The spontaneous communication required to live with the host family boosts the student’s confidence with Spanish, and the directed service-learning projects expand the student’s vocabulary as they engage their Costa Rican peers in Spanish.

Some of the highlights of the Spring Break program are:

  • 4 – 5 days of Spanish classes (students placed in class based on their current ability)
  • 2 -3 days of service learning (language rich activities)
  • 5 nights with your Costa Rican host family (one student per host family only)
  • 3 days of experiential education  learning about the rainforest flora and fauna on the Pacific coast…¡en español!
  • Salsa, Merengue, & Cooking classes

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  1. Hi there,

    Would love to get some information on the spring break travel/service and language immersion opportunity for my 10th grader who is in an accelerated Spanish class but not feeling on top of the game. Please let me know

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