High School Spanish Trip - Parent Evaluation

High School Spanish Trip – Parent Evaluation

Thank you for taking a few minutes to submit your thoughtful comments about the recent High School Spanish Immersion program your child participated in. We value your feedback.

On this page you will find the Ecuador and Costa Rica Program evaluations. The Ecuador evaluation is first, please scroll down to fill out the Costa Rica evaluation. Thank you!

Name and email address are optional fields if you’d like to submit an anonymous evaluation. We would of course appreciate the opportunity to follow up with you if you have some criticisms of the program just to make sure we understand well the issues so that we can work on fixing them. Thank you!

Ecuador Program Evaluation. Scroll down ⬇️ for Costa Rica eval.

Costa Rica Program Eval.

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  1. My daughter had so much fun on the trip. She loved her host family and got a lot out of speaking with them daily, even if she couldn’t understand everything. Another cool benefit for her was meeting so many kids from other parts of the U.S. I think she gained a bigger world perspective and wants to travel more internationally. All her years of study Spanish suddenly became more relevant and exciting.

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