Spanish for Educators - Reporting Test Scores in Spanish

Spanish for Educators – Reporting Test Scores in Spanish

Reporting Test Scores in Spanish

In this Spanish for Educators lesson you will learn how report test scores in Spanish to parents and guardians: informar las calificaciones.

Su reto profesional: start using this new vocabulary to talk about the students’ grades with parents and guardians in Spanish and also try to conjugate the verb “cumplir” in as many tenses as you can 🙂

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In this lesson, we will talk about certain questions and topics that come up and you have to know how to speak about during parent-teacher conferences. In this case, we will talk specifically about reporting test scores in Spanish 🙂

¿Cómo se dice “test” en español? / How is Test said in Spanish?

La prueba de: __________The test of: __________
Matemáticas, Ciencias, ComprensiónMathematics, Science, Comprehension
Las pruebas estandarizadas  Standardized Tests
Los exámenes de éxito académicoThe academic success Tests
Los exámenes finalesFinal exams

Note: There are other ways to say test in Spanish, such as:

  • Evaluación
  • Parcial (if it is a partial test/exam) 
  • Final (if it is a final test/exam) 
  • Cuestionario 

Vocabulario clave / Key Vocabulary (Performance & Results)

Let’s talk about overall performance!

1. Desempeño / Rendimiento generalOverall performance
     Desempeño de lectura, matemáticasReading / maths performance
2. Niveles de desempeño   Performance levels
3. Rango de resultadosScore range
4. Comparación general de los resultadosOverall Score comparisons
5. Desempeño estatal  State performance
6. Desglose de resultadosScore breakdowns

Desempeño general / General Performance

Nivel alto, bajo, en el medioHigh / Low / Average level
Puntaje de su hijo / hijaStudent’s score
La puntuación  Score
La puntuación promediaAverage score
Las calificacionesScores
Porcentaje  Percentage
Nivel de desempeñoPerformance level

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Desempeñarse / To perform

Notice this is a reflexive verb and it means the subject is doing the action to himself/herself.

¿Cómo se desempeñó su estudiante en __________ ?How did your student perform in __________?
Escritura  Writing
La evaluación de matemáticasThe math test
Estudios socialesSocial studies

Niveles de desempeño / Performance Levels

I’m using 5 performance levels but I’m quite sure there are many more.

5 niveles de desempeño5 performance levels
Cumplir con las expectativas  To meet to expectations

El verbo cumplir

Cumplir con las expectativas = To meet expectations

Cumplir en el pasado / Cumplir in the past tense

Yo cumplíNosotros cumplimos
Tú cumpliste  Vosotros cumplistéis
Él / Ella / Usted cumplióEllos / Ellas / Ustedes cumplieron

Cumplir en The Present Progressive

Estar + cumpliendo

Yo estoy cumpliendoNosotros estamos cumpliendo
Tú estás cumpliendoVosotros estáis cumpliendo
Él / Ella / Usted está cumpliendoEllos / Ellas / Ustedes están cumpliendo

Cómo se desempeñó el / la estudiante / How was the student performance?

5 niveles de desempeño / 5 performance levels

  1. No cumple con las expectativas: he/she is not meeting expectations
  2. Cumplió parcialmente con las expectativas: he/she partially met expectations
  3. Se acercó a las expectativas: he/she got close to the expectations
  4. Cumplió con las expectativas: he/she met the expectations.
  5. Superó con las expectativas: he/she went above the expectations.

Las destrezas académicas / Academic Strengths

Use this information to talk about how the student is doing on his/her tests.

Su hijo(a) / Your child:

Está cumpliendo con la expectativas is meeting expectations
Está progresando bien, a nivel is progressing well, at level
Más alto del nivelis above level
Recibe calificaciones altasis receiving high grades
Todavía no está cumpliendo con las expectativasis not yet meeting expectations
Está cumpliendo parcialmenteis partially meeting expectations
Está bajo del nivel académicois below grade level
Necesita intervención acerca de…needs intervention regarding…

Note: For more information to talk about academic strengths in Spanish, please visit this post 😀

Now it’s your turn! / Ahora es tu turno

Study all of this classroom vocabulary in Spanish with these flashcards!

Download the lesson notes and start creating your own sentences using this new vocabulary in Spanish and share them on the comments below or in our Facebook group to receive feedback from other Spanish learners ?

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Download the Reporting Scores in Spanish Notes TODAY

¡Arriésguense, abran la boca y cometan errores!

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