Online Spanish Classes: Placement Test

Online Spanish Classes: Placement Test

This is the online Spanish classes placement test that we need you to take before placing you with your individual Spanish instructor.

Please do YOUR best on this – no need to ask for help or research answers, just show us what you know off the top of your head!

  • Ideally you and your tutor will have a relatively consistent schedule. Please be specific about days of the week and times on those days that you would like your online lessons so we can start matching you with an available tutor. What time zone are you in?
  • Multiple Choice Questions

    Please select the one answer that you feel best fits into the blank.
  • Please complete the following open-ended statements to the best of your ability in Spanish

  • Strut your Spanish stuff! Please respond to the Questions/Prompts below in Spanish.

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

4 thoughts on “Online Spanish Classes: Placement Test”

  1. Creo que el examen fue más difícil de lo que esperaba. Necesito estudiar más antes de viajar a Costa Rica, pero estoy muy contenta y emocionada.

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