Welcome to Mastering Medical Spanish

Welcome to Mastering Medical Spanish!

We’re so glad you’re joining us! Now what?

  • Download the Getting Started MMS Checklist
  • Make sure you’ve got your 5 Pt Profiles defined. We’ll use those as we plan out our live practice sessions. See Crash Course Lesson 1 here for a reminder of this strategy. Add your 5 Pt Profiles here to this shared google doc.
  • Take this Medical Spanish Placement Test 🙂
  • Follow the link below to begin with the Getting Started and Foundations lessons for your MMS course!

Use the links below to get navigate over to your course…

Beginning MMS

This is the best MMS course for beginning Spanish learners.

This course begins in a 50/50 (Span/Eng) mix and moves to 70/30 (Span/Eng) by the end.

Intermediate MMS

This is the best MMS course for intermediate level Spanish speakers.

This course begins in a 70/30 (Span/Eng) mix and moves to 90/10 (Span/Eng) by the end…

MMS Avanzado

Esta sección de MMS es el curso avanzado para aprendices avanzados

Se enseña en 100% español

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