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The high school Spanish blog is a running list of our tips and suggestions for students who want to improve their high school Spanish experience.

High school students have the advantage of being exposed to the Spanish language frequently throughout the week and over long periods of time. Our goal is to support students in their efforts to learn the language, enjoy it, and use it practically throughout their lives.

Free Ser vs. Estar Spanish Grammar Lesson

Ser vs. Estar Spanish Grammar Lesson

Spanish Grammar Lesson: Ser vs. Estar ¡APRENDE! Learn the difference in uses between the Spanish verbs SER and ESTAR that both mean “to be” ¡MEMORIZA! Memorize this acronym- SHARPEN the EDGES so you know when to use Ser and when to use Estar ¡PRACTICA! Practice your new knowledge by completing the exercises in the free Cheat […]

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Semana Santa Cultural Lesson for the Spanish Classroom

Download this FREE Cultural Lesson all about Semana Santa and Carnaval! This is a valuable cultural resource that explores the rich history and celebrations of Semana Santa and Carnaval. Semana Santa is one of the largest cultural celebrations throughout Latin America and Spain. These countries come alive with deeply rooted religious traditions and celebrations. Streets […]

Spanish Immersion for High School

Is the Earth Round?

I will never forget my first flight into a foreign country. As I leaned against the window, our plane descended into the Lima airport, the sun was just beginning to poke through the horizon. I gasped as I saw the curve of the earth. For the first time I knew the earth was round, not […]

Commands in Spanish

Tell me how to give commands in Spanish!

Raise your hand! Don’t eat that! We give commands and instructions everyday…so how do I give commands in Spanish? Read these instructions carefully! Whether you are a teacher instructing students, a doctor instructing a patient, or a big brother bossing your little sister, it is important that you know the correct way to give commands in […]


5 Simple Tips to Impress Your Spanish Teacher

How can you get your Spanish Teacher on your Side? We meet hundreds, maybe thousands, of Spanish teachers every year through our language training and Spanish immersion business. By and large they are a decent crew of people. Maybe we’re biased (because we’re Spanish teachers too) – but I don’t think so. Of course you […]

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6 Easy Steps to Improve your Spanish Grade

Are you struggling to thrive in your Spanish class like you do in others? There are several things you can to do help improve your Spanish grade – keep reading! Disclaimer: If you’re a difficult student you’ve got an uphill battle to try and improve your Spanish grade. You know you’re a difficult student if: […]


3 Christmas Traditions from Central & South America

And you thought that Christmas and Navidad were basically the same thing! A large majority of the Spanish-speaking population around the world celebrates Navidad (in lieu of Hanukkah or Kwanzaa) – but for many it is a very different celebration that what  you might expect.  It turns out that your Christmas traditions might be more culture-specific than […]