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Learn Spanish for Specific Purposes:

Medical Spanish | Restaurant Spanish | Manufacturing Spanish | Construction Spanish | Spanish for Educators | Police Spanish | Housekeeping Spanish

We know how important it is for you and your co-workers to learn the Spanish vocabulary and phrases that help you function more efficiently at work.  Common Ground’s perspective on learning Spanish is that with classes tailored to fit different professions, students gain the Spanish they need to be more effective in their work setting.

Our professional Spanish classes don’t give our students general Spanish proficiency, they are specifically designed to help you learn the Spanish vocabulary and grammar that is most relevant to your job functions.  Few professionals have the time required for general Spanish proficiency, but most can make time to learn just enough Spanish to have a direct impact on their day to day work functions.

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Medical Spanish Class

Medical Spanish

Manufacturing Spanish Class

Manufacturing Spanish

Construction Spanish Classes

Construction Spanish

Restaurant Spanish Classes

Restaurant Spanish

Spanish Class for Educators

Spanish for Educators

Law Enforcement Spanish

Police Spanish

Banking Spanish Classes

Banking Spanish

Hotel Spanish Classes

Housekeeping Spanish

Professionals participate in our Spanish for specific purposes classes in one of 3 ways:

  1. Individual Spanish Classes: One on one Spanish instruction is the only way to ensure that every moment of your Spanish class is tailored specifically to what you need professionally.
  2. Group Spanish Classes: Group classes are ideal when a business has two or more employees with similar Spanish goals and current Spanish abilities that are “close enough” for it to make sense to work together in the same class.  Common Ground helps its clients evaluate the Spanish needs and goals to determine if a group Spanish class is the right option to pursue.
  3. Online Spanish Classes: Many professionals have demanding and unpredictable work schedules which make it difficult to commit to a regular Spanish class schedule.  If you have a hard time committing to a regular class schedule week after week, Common Ground’s Online Spanish classes are just what you need!  You purchase a block of classes and schedule them when they fit best into your schedule.

Contact us for pricing and availability of the Professional Spanish class that best fits your needs!