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Spanish Medical Interpreter Training

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Medical Spanish Interpreter Training Course

This Spanish medical Interpreter training course is offered online to any aspiring medical Spanish interpreter and at the following physical locations in Colorado.

All interpreter training courses are LIVE courses – not completed on your own time.

Please make sure you can commit to the schedule – attendance is mandatory at all sessions. Select one option from the drop down menu below.

Read More below and Request a course at your location here on the Contact Us page

Spanish Medical Interpreter Training

Dates: TBD
Times: TBD
Location: TBD
Contact for Questions: Rory Foster: [email protected]

This Spanish medical interpreter training course has 2 primary objectives – to help students prepare for internal medical interpreter testing at their workplace, and to help students prepare for the national certification as a Spanish medical interpreter. The focus of this interpreting course is strictly healthcare.

In this medical Spanish interpreter training course you will:

  • Refine your Spanish medical terminology and the English equivalents needed for precise interpreting.
  • Refine your tone and register levels in Spanish & English to ensure that you’re communicating appropriately with varied audiences.
  • Learn concentration and memorization tricks to interpret with higher accuracy.
  • Practice interpreting Spanish in a variety of common clinical and customer service scenarios to gain confidence as a Spanish medical interpreter in everyday healthcare settings.
  • Learn and commit to abide by the national standards of practice for interpreting in healthcare.
  • Learn and commit to abide by the national code of ethics for interpreting in healthcare.

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3 reviews for Spanish Medical Interpreter Training

Marcela B., RN

I really enjoyed this class. The instructor was very knowledgable and accessible, the material provided very useful and I feel this class helped me improve my interpreting skill enormously. I highly recommend it!


Durante mucho tiempo pospuse este curso, ya que pensaba que no necesitaba aprender nada adicional a lo que ya conocía. Rory me demostró que el conocimiento de un interprete jamas termina, sus técnicas de enseñanza son excelentes y su conocimiento en interpretación es vasto.gracias de nuevo por la oportunidad de extender mi conocimiento.

maria brown

Hola. para mi fue de gran ayuda tomar ese curso,aprendi palabras que no estaban en mi vicabularios
Aprendi como dirijirme a las personas,siempre usaba “tu” en lugar de usted. todavia me falta bastante
que aprender pero gracias a usted hoy me desenvuelvo mucho mejor con mi gramatica.
Muchas Gracias.

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