Teaching Languages for Specific Purposes - Best Practices

Teaching Languages for Specific Purposes – Best Practices

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Teaching languages for specific purposes is inherently different than teaching general language courses. Even the best instructors need a new approach when it comes to teaching industry-specific language.

This 6-lesson course draws on 15+ years of experience teaching Spanish for specific purposes and is applicable to high school, university, and community courses.

In this 5 – lesson course on teaching languages for specific purposes you will learn:

  1. Philosophy shifts to make your LSP courses relevant, practical and effective.
  2. The 5 Pillars of LSP that will guide your course and curriculum design.
  3. The Hourglass Instructional Model that gives you a framework for moving from Comprehensible Input to Unstructured Practice in 50 minutes.
  4. Effective Assessments that give you the data that you need to know if your courses are preparing people for using this language in their industry setting.
  5. LSP Immersion Programs essentials for safe, meaningful, and legit immersion travel that supports your LSP program and courses.
  6. Next Steps for you in identifying what to focus on and how to move LSP forward at your institution.

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3 reviews for Teaching Languages for Specific Purposes – Best Practices

  1. Adam B.

    Is there a 6-star rating? If so, I’d use it! I recently completed the LSP training course offered by Common Ground International. Having worked as a program coordinator and instructor for an undergraduate Occupational Medical Spanish Certificate program, I found this course to be quite valuable. After the first lesson, I immediately emailed Rory to thank him for offering the course. It was very well–planned and caused me to think about some important factors like helping students to identify the most relevant approach to their learning and reasons why we, those of us that teach LSP courses, do what we do. As an advocate for these type of courses (credit and non-credit), it also better prepared me to talk about and defend their value. I recommend this course to LSP administrators and instructors, and I congratulate Rory and his colleagues for the quality of their work and for the vision of Common Ground International.

  2. Kate H.

    I teach corporate English and Spanish courses, and I have to say Rory’s Teaching Languages for Specific Purposes has been instrumental in the organization and planning behind my courses. Oftentimes, teachers of LSP classes can feel overwhelmed by all of the material we need to cover, as well as our proficiency objectives, but this LSP course really helps you focus your curriculum on what students really need to know in order to be successful in their field. As a result, my students are much more engaged in class, and leave the class feeling confident about their skills. I highly recommend this course for any current or future LSP instructors!

  3. Misty Davidson

    I’ve taught ESL for several years, but I had never taught English for Special Purposes. Although this LSP course utilizes Spanish for Special Purposes examples, the concepts presented easily transfer to English teaching. I am now teaching English for Special Purposes in a medical setting, and I use the knowledge gained from the course in every class I teach. Rory presents concepts clearly, and in a fun way. His examples are relevant and easy to apply to real life situations. Rory is a educator, so he knows what students need and how classroom dynamics actually work. I would highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to teach and language for special purposes.

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