Spanish for Teachers Workshop

Spanish for Teachers Workshop

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Spanish for Teachers – Conflict Management Series

You have a huge task…Ensuring your students interact in a respectful manner with other classmates and school personnel.

In today’s diverse classrooms, understanding and addressing conflicts require more than just language proficiency; it demands cultural sensitivity and nuanced communication. By learning to communicate in Spanish about conflict management, you will increase your chances of being able to build trust and foster a supportive learning environment for all students. Whether resolving interpersonal conflicts or addressing bullying incidents, learning more Spanish communication skills ensures that every student feels heard, valued, and understood.


Join this 3 part workshop series to enhance your ability to navigate conflicts and create a more receptive and respectful classroom environment. You will learn:


Part 1 –  June 13, 8pm ET:  Healthy vs. Unhealthy Conflict 

  • How to deal with disagreements during different school activities and promote expressing opinions in a healthy way. 
  • Expresar opiniones usando el condicional 
  • Expressing emotions and backwards verbs 

Part 2 – June 27, 8pm ET: Addressing Bullying and Proactive Conflict Management

  • Introduce proactive approaches to managing and preventing conflicts in schools,
  • Warning signs and consequences of bullying for both victims and perpetrators.
  • If and then statements…. 
  • Cautionary statements using the future 

Part 3 – July 18, 8pm ET: Conflict Resolution Strategies

  • Key vocabulary and verbs to express various student behaviors and actions
  • De-escalation strategies to diffuse tense situations in the classroom or school setting.
  • Introduce effective conflict resolution techniques, including active listening, empathy, and assertive communication.
  • If statements followed by commands

When you attend the live Zoom workshops you will practice and apply what you are learning immediately, taking an essential step towards becoming a confident and competent Spanish speaker!


Register for the live workshop. If you cannot make it live, we will send you the recording, lesson notes and practice activities.


Each workshop will last approximately 60-75 minutes and will take place on Zoom. You will have access to the class replay, as well as downloadable lesson notes and homework to practice after the workshop. Once you register for this workshop you will get a confirmation email with the Zoom link.

Please mark your calendar today:

  • Part 1: June 13 @8pm ET
  • Part 2: June 27 @8pm ET
  • Part 3: July 18 @8pm ET
**If you can’t make it live, but still want to improve your Spanish, when you register, we will send you the replay, along with the lesson notes, practice activities and homework.

Who is this class ideal for?

  • This Spanish workshop series is for classroom teachers with a high percentage of Spanish speaking families that need to quickly learn Spanish in order to communicate about the following topics with their Spanish speaking students, families, parents and guardians.
  • This is a beginning and intermediate Spanish workshop series for educators and is appropriate for a student that would currently identify themselves as having a novice mid to intermediate knowledge of the Spanish language (based on ACTFL proficiency guidelines). 
  • However, ALL Spanish levels can join this series as vocabulary, verbs and contexts will be targeted for specific classroom scenarios.

If you have more questions about whether or not this workshop is a good fit for you, please email Leslie at [email protected]

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