The Immersion Fund Donation

The Immersion Fund Donation

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The Immersion Fund is a 501c3 dedicated to supporting the non-profit organizations who we partner with while on our Spanish immersion trips in Latin America.

All donations are tax deductible. Download your charitable contribution receipt upon purchase. 95% of your donation goes directly to the organization. The Immersion Fund retains 5% to cover the cost of CC processing fees and International bank transfer fees. The Immersion Fund does not retain any other administrative fees. 

We initially created the Immersion Fund to help travelers with with need-based funding for their Spanish immersion program. Very few people applied for the travel scholarship, so we decided to repurpose the funds and directly support local organizations doing great work in underserved communities as they work with marginalized populations.

The Immersion Fund Backstory…

Since 2003, Common Ground International immersion travelers have had the honor of working with marginalized communities in Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Ecuador. We have been greatly impacted by the immense strength and determination of individuals in these communities, and we have witnessed them overcome the challenges of poverty, abuse, and neglect. These individual and family changes that we’ve observed would not have been possible without the constant presence and persistent encouragement of local NGOs contributing to these communities.

As a family run organization that has invested years into these communities, we have been impacted by two main factors:

  1. The sheer determination of these marginalized families that have fought through their circumstances and have worked fiercely to change the course of life for their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
  2. Our immersion participants who sacrifice time, energy and resources to collaborate and give to individuals in these communities. They walk away from their experience forever changed by stepping out of their comfort zones, experiencing poverty on poverty’s terms, and learning to appreciate a very different reality from their own.

The Immersion Fund has 1 primary goal: To support these communities and individuals through local non governmental organizations that we have history with, trust and want to continue partnering with throughout the year.

Would you like to partner with us in supporting local NGOs doing great work?

Make your tax deductible contribution here!

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