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Spanish Medical Conversation


Spanish Medical Conversation is an ideal resource for communicating in Spanish for all health care providers.

Spanish Medical Conversation is an ideal resource for communicating in Spanish for all health care providers.

Spanish Medical Conversation is a 6-page comprehensive, up-to-date reference guide that lists Spanish medical translations of key words and phrases necessary for communicating with Spanish-speaking patients. The user-friendly format incorporates color-coded sections and illustrations for easy access to particular terms. Topics include skin, head and neck, physical examinations, prescription, and numerous diseases. The laminated sheets are durable and easy to carry with you on the job so you can be sure there is no miscommunication between you and your patient to provide the highest quality care. Use Spanish Medical Conversation to learn and remember the words and phrases you will need in everyday situations. Communicate clearly and put your patients at ease when you learn to speak their native language.

Topics include:
• Basic conversation
• Skin / piel
• Head & neck / cabeza y cuello
• Thorax / tórax
• Gastointestinal tract / tracto gastrointestinal
• Genitourinary system / sistema genitourinario
• Nervous system / sistema nervioso
• Extremities / extremidades
• Endocrine system / sistema endocrino
• Psychological / psicológico
• Medications / medicamentos
• Pain / dolor
• Positions / posiciones
• Physical examination / examen físico
• Diagnostic studies / estudios diagnóstico
• Test instructions / instrucciones para exámenes
• Diagnosis / diagnóstico
• Prescription / receta
• Diseases / enfermedades

Spanish Medical Conversation is in a 3-panel fold out format and is laminated, which makes it portable and durable. Carry it with you in a clipboard or store in an important binder (as it is also 3 whole punched!) for easy access. You can also post it in your office or patient exam to provide easy access for employees, patients, family members, etc. Make notes and highlight key phrases with dry erase markers or highlighters and erase them with a tissue when you’re done.

Title: Spanish Medical Conversation

Publisher: BarCharts, Inc.

Author: Joseph Rosado, M.D.

ISBN: 9781423203124

Pages: 6 pages (double-sided, 3-panel fold out, laminated)

Size: 8.5×11″

*Ships in 24 hours*

Availability: In stock (can be backordered)

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