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Translate all your important documents into Spanish, English or any other language

Common Ground specializes in the highest quality translation services for Medical, Legal, Human Resources, Business and Marketing documents.

Our process for document translation follows a standard procedure every time to ensure the highest quality translation for your job. This 6 step process ensures that we provide you with realistic estimates for cost and turn-around time, eliminate errors in the translation, and keeps you a happy and satisfied client.

Here is what you can expect if you request a document translation from Common Ground:

Our 6-step document translation process

  1. We’ll have an initial conversation with you about your document that you need translated and ask you to share your document (or a sample of it) with us so that we can give you a word count and turn-around time estimate.
  2. We’ll clarify your requirements for the job to understand your needs: if you need graphics or layout work with the job, how soon you need your document back, if you need a certified document translation.
  3. We’ll ask you to make a 50% deposit on your translation job to begin work
  4. Once your deposit is made, we’ll complete the translation
  5. We’ll run the document through an editing process and make any adjustments necessary
  6. We’ll give you the final word count, request your balance due payment, and return your document to you.

Some of our most common document translation requests are to:

  • Translate birth certificates Spanish<>English
  • Translate contracts Spanish<>English
  • Translate educational or marketing brochures Spanish<>English
  • Translate employee manuals Spanish<>English
  • Translate employee benefits information Spanish<>English
  • Translate handbooks Spanish<>English
  • Translate immigration papers Spanish<>English
  • Translate legal documents Spanish<>English
  • Translate marriage certificates Spanish<>English
  • Translate signs Spanish<>English
  • Translate training videos (and provide professional voice-overs in the target language) Spanish<>English
  • Translate websites Spanish<>English

It is easy to use Common Ground’s Translation services. If you’d like to, go ahead and upload your document to us now for an accurate quote. Of course we’re happy to take your call as well: (303) 684-5557

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