Document Translation Services starting at $0.16 a word!

Document Translation ServicesTranslate all your important documents into Spanish, English or any other language

Common Ground specializes in the highest quality translation services for Medical, Legal, Human Resources, Business and Marketing documents. Some of our most common document translation requests are to:

  • Translate signs
  • Translate contracts
  • Translate educational or marketing brochures
  • Translate employee manuals
  • Translate employee benefits information
  • Translate websites
  • Translate training videos (and provide professional voice-overs in the target language)
  • Translate handbooks

How are translation jobs billed?

The industry standards for billing translation service jobs are to bill by the word in the target language.  The “target language” is the language you’re translating your document into.  The charge per word varies greatly on many factors: complexity of the document, the source language to target language combination, and turn-around time are some of the most important factors.  Our rates start at $0.16 per word for a normal 3-5 business day turn around. If you need a document next day, you can expect to pay around double what the normal charge would be. If formatting and artwork are required, those are generally billed on an hourly basis.

It is easy to use Common Ground’s Translation services.  Fill out the Contact form below and we’ll get back to you with a quote.  Of course we’re happy to take your call as well: (303) 684-5557

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Who actually does the document translation?

Professional translation jobs require a professional translator.  The industry standard in the United States for professional translators is the certification via the American Translator Association.  This professional organization tests and certifies translators in specific language combinations.  A translation “Agency” is a company that brokers translation jobs – they may not do their translations in house.  Many translation agencies choose to work with ATA certified translators who reside in Central or South America.  This approach helps keep translation costs down for the client while maintaining quality translations.

Why not just hire a translator directly for my job?

Working with a translation agency (like Common Ground International) provides you many benefits.  Here are just a few benefits:

Not all certified translators are the same. An agency has deep professional relationships with translators who they have been working with for years. This assures quality, timeliness and predictability.

If you have  just a document or two here and there that needs translating, your translation job may or may not be given much priority.  You don’t know how this person works, you’ll have to figure out how to pay them, and you’ll be taking a leap of faith that they can deliver on what they’re promising you.

A professional translation job requires more than one pair of eyes on a given document.  If you hire a translator on your own, you’ll still need to hire a second set of eyes to make sure that all the I’s are dotted and T’s are crossed.

What is the value of contracting with an agency?

The cost of working with a translation agency is much less than the value you receive.  Most clients who are looking to have a document translated aren’t interested in the business of translation – they just need their document back in the target language!  An agency takes care of all the “business side” of getting your job done and returns your document to you in the target language.  An agency’s 15%-25% margin on a project is usually much less than the value of  your time trying to ensure that you have a solid document translation product.

What are the pitfalls of doing your own translation in-house?

Many companies and organizations believe that their bilingual employee is capable of completing their translation job.  This usually results in a poor translation.   A professional translator makes sure that the tone of a document is communicated appropriately (not too casual or too formal – but matching the tone of the source document), can assure you that words are spelled correctly, and furthermore doesn’t have other responsibilities at your company that are being neglected because they’re trying to do your translation job which they feel unqualified for.

Why not use Google Translate or another mechanical translation?

Google translate and other online translation programs are fantastic resources when you’re translating individual words here and there.  They are particularly useful when you are translating a document into a target language that is is your primary language.  This way you can see the translation and make a judgment call on whether or not the program provided you with a translation that makes sense.  You can get into serious trouble if you rely on a mechanical translation to translate phrases, sentences, paragraphs and even pages of text into a target language that you’re not very familiar with.  You have no way of knowing that the translation is accurate, and these free mechanical translation services often aren’t accurate.