Join the High School Spanish Immersion Info Meeting!

Join the High School Spanish Immersion Info Meeting!

Spanish Immersion trip -Join the High School Spanish Immersion Info Meeting

Missed the meeting on March 30th? Catch the replay here…

Some notes about this meeting…

  • Zoom did not fully record our meeting- HOWEVER, you can catch this recording from Dec. 21 with all the same details and a great Parent/ Student Q & A
  • Register by April 10th and get a FREE day tour of ziplining, hanging bridges, and lunch $120 value
  • 5 more spots open- secure your spot TODAY!

High School Spanish Immersion Info Meeting:

When: Wednesday, March 30 @ 7pm Mountain Time (6p Pacific, 8p Central, 9p Eastern)

Where: Zoom Online Meeting – Register below for login details

Why travel with Common Ground?

We’re more than Guides

Program leaders are onsite with participants 24/7 leading, guiding, debriefing this incredible language and cultural experience!
Our trip leaders have decades of experience, so we can focus completely on the student’s safety, Spanish development and cultural experiences!

We prepare you before you travel

Preparation is essential for establishing clear expectations for your trip, staying safe while you travel, knowing the day to day plan, and positioning yourself and your Spanish for maximum success on your program.
Our custom pre-departure course is an amazingly effective online course that connects you with your fellow travelers and prepares you for every single detail – including culture shock!

You know where we live

We’re a Colorado-based family business with a clear track record of amazing Spanish immersion programs.
You can call us up at any time, (303) 684-5557 speak English (or Spanish), and get your questions answered immediately. That’s worth its weight in gold!

We offer the best language and cultural outcomes

The primary difference with our Spanish immersion programs is that we’ve created a mini-study abroad for you. We weave these 4 Spanish language components into your everyday experience. In other words, you learn Spanish through everything you do. We guarantee you will not find another program out there that weaves these 4 program elements to maximize your Spanish language growth, cultural understanding and personal growth. Here’s how we do it:

1. Interactive & communicative Spanish classes that are intentionally planned to get you SPEAKING!!!
2. Experience daily living as the locals do when you live with a local host family, build an amazing relationship and see you Spanish soar.
3. Get involved in the local community when you participate in our volunteer projects. You will work with local kids in Costa Rica.
4. Explore the beaches, jungle, rainforest and learn about the flora and fauna with local guides on our adventure excursions.

Spanish Immersion Info Meeting:

When: Wednesday, March 30 @ 7pm Mountain Time (6p Pacific, 8p Central, 9p Eastern)

Where: Zoom – Register below for login details

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I want to learn more!

Join Leslie and the team for the immersion info meeting.

And be sure to stay through the end for program! bonuses!

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Keep an eye out for and email or two from Leslie Foster [email protected] with login details for the Immersion info webinar... See you online!


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