Por vs Para Free Spanish Lesson

Por vs Para Free Spanish Lesson

Por vs. Para Spanish Grammar Lesson and Por and Para teacher lesson guide

Free Spanish Lesson Por vs Para

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Por and Para can literally explode the Spanish 1 student’s head, but for the Spanish 2+ student, it’s a good idea to have a quick and easy answer to the question: “Profe, when should I use POR and when should I use PARA?”

My students often ask about the uses of POR and PARA; I bet yours do also! POR vs. PARA is a complex grammar topic for second language learners to grasp. As teachers, we have all types of tricks and tools up our sleeves. Here are some of mine for Por vs Para that I thought I would share with you.


  • A teacher template to implement the lesson
  • A Por vs. Para comprehensible video all about traveling to Costa Rica
  • A nifty acronym to help students memorize the uses of Por and Para with examples
  • Several practice exercises
  • A life-application project
  • Pre-packaged student activities that you just need to print out or email to them

This is a multi-step lesson that you can use, tweak, differentiate and implement in your classes.

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