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Intermediate 1 Medical Spanish in Denver Colorado

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Intermediate 1 Medical Spanish is perfect for the learner who is already semi-conversational in Spanish yet, and wants to learn and practice Spanish in the medical context. Our Intermediate 1 Course is offered at the following locations and times this session. Please select one option from the drop down menu below.

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Intermediate 1 Medical Spanish

Anschutz Medical Campus:
Denver Health:

Required Text: An Introduction to Spanish for Healthcare Workers, 4th ed.
Contact for Questions: Rory Foster: [email protected]

Increase your Medical Spanish proficiency! The Intermediate I course is appropriate for students with some significant Spanish experience and if you’ve already been learning medical Spanish on the job or studying medical Spanish. We assume you are comfortable with present tense verbs, and have studied the past tense before. For the first few weeks we will review basic body parts and internal organs, symptoms and pain, the pharmacy (giving patient instructions and side effects), and diet and nutrition (recommending certain diets). You will then learn how to conduct a physical exam in Spanish, how to explain tests and procedures to patients, and how to take a detailed medical history. Grammar topics will include strengthening how you communicate in the past tense with patients, learning how to give commands, and learning how to use direct and indirect object pronouns.

Great for students who…

  • Are very comfortable with the present tense, are pretty comfortable with the past tense. Maybe had a few years in high school.
  • Currently speak Spanish as much as possible with your patients.
  • Want to focus on learning medical vocabulary & get a lot of time to practice in the classroom setting.
  • Completed Beginning II

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6 reviews for Intermediate 1 Medical Spanish in Denver Colorado


Loved this class, really good mix of both general and medical Spanish for those with some Spanish experience. Raleigh was a great teacher, very patient and ran the class very efficiently. Most of the class is run in Spanish which was great for practice. Homework was a good complement to the classroom experience as well. Would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to improve their basic interaction skills with Spanish-speaking patients.


The class is very helpful and informative. It's a laid back setting with lots of time to work on my conversational Spanish. The instructors are great, very encouraging and patient. The handbooks are extremely valuable with endless relevant vocabulary, tips and even songs to help you remember the tricky stuff! This is my third semester with Common Grounds and I plan to continue my education with them.

Andrew Crouch

The class did a great job helping me learn new and useful vocabulary and provided good opportunities to practice implementing it. The teacher was engaging and great at being flexible with our busy, hectic medical school schedule. I recommend it both if you want to learn medical Spanish or if you just want to brush up on some Spanish before interacting with patients.

Mark L

Awesome class. I really enjoyed the way that Common Ground structured the class, I learned valuable skills that will be useful to me in the medical field.

Josh B

Excellent class. Well taught, practical, upbeat and even entertaining. The instructor was appropriately concerned with the students making real gains in conversational Spanish.

Marnie H

I have taken five classes with Common Grounds over the years, including a spanish immersion trip to Costa Rica. Every experience I have had with this company has been top notch! My instructors have given very personalized and relevant instruction. I went from knowing absoultely no spanish to being able to triage, assess and discharge my patients...a very rewarding experience!!

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