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Beginning 2 Medical Spanish in Denver & Aurora Colorado

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Beginning 2 Medical Spanish takes your Spanish to the next level!

Beginning 2 Medical Spanish is offered at the following locations and times this next session.

Early Registration ends 1/31/19

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Beginning 2 Medical Spanish Details:

Denver Health: Tuesdays March 5 – April 23 (5:15-7:00p)

Required Text: An Introduction to Spanish for Healthcare Workers, 4th ed.
Contact for Questions: Rory Foster: [email protected]

If you are beyond needing to learn basic medical Spanish, join the Beginning 2 class and take your Spanish to the next level! The Beginning 2 course is a continuation of Beginning I or a great place to start learning if you already have some experience with Spanish. We will bring you to a point of further knowledge and comfort with the Spanish language in the medical context. You will begin with a review of Beginning I material such as common cold and flu symptoms and how to talk about pain and body parts using present tense verbs. Then you will learn how to take a family medical history, give pharmacy and dosing instructions for common medications as well as explaining their possible side effects, and learn how to recommend lifestyle changes regarding diet and nutrition, including special diets for patients. You will review regular and irregular present tense verb conjugations, learn preterit tense verbs, and speaking about the future.

Great for students who…

  • Maybe have some high school experience with Spanish –OR-
  • Can get through a basic interaction with patients, but really need to focus on some grammar and specific medical vocabulary to help be more efficient.
  • Know the present tense and are able to use it, but get lost when it comes to past tense.
  • Completed Beginning I

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9 reviews for Beginning 2 Medical Spanish in Denver & Aurora Colorado


Great class! Fun, fast paced, and very helpful. Thank you!

Marianne Aguirre-Colon
Marianne Aguirre-Colon

Rory is very patient and a great instructor for the beginners class I took. I would like to see more student instruction in the booklet for a self study.

Meghan S.

I really enjoyed the class and I learned a lot. I was able to start using my Spanish with my patients beginning on Day 1 and every word helped. I highly recommend the class!


I really love this class! It goes at an appropriate pace for my experience and comfort. Raleigh does a great job at making each week fun and interactive! Nothing but great things to say.

Dale Britt

Raleigh Starbuck is a great asset, he knows medical language and English grammar and Spanish grammar as well. I bet it is hard to find it all in one person!!


I really enjoyed this class and found it to be very helpful at work. I definitely feel more comfortable speaking with my patients after taking this class. I think this is a great resource for medical professionals.

Renée - Colorado Springs, CO

I decided to learn Spanish after person on translator phone did not translate correctly. I am a Nurse Practitioner working in Urgent Care and it is important for me to know what is wrong with my patient. Thank goodness patient’s daughter corrected translation to choking on chicken MEAT as opposed to BONE. By end of this class I was able to conduct entire visit in Spanish, to include discharge instructions & prescription, with mom and two young children- one with cough & ear pain, other with pink eye and cough. The class is well run & worth every penny!


I loved this class. It was fast paced and used a lot of different teaching methods to keep it interesting. It really helped me to learn a lot of Spanish so I could at least communicate with our Spanish only patient’s and families, not something I would have every tried before.

Thank you Common Ground!


The class was great. I felt like I really learned a lot and am able to understand so much of what my patients/families say during clinic visits now. I still can’t respond back fluently, but even that has improved.
I have 2 and 4 year old at home, so in all honesty, I don’t feel like I did too much outside of class in the way of studying, at least not as much as I would have done 5 years ago, and I still feel like I learned a lot!

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