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Beginning 1 Medical Spanish in Denver & Aurora Colorado

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Beginning 1 Medical Spanish is perfect for the learner who doesn’t know any Spanish yet, and wants to learn it in the medical context. Our Beginning 1 Course is offered at the following locations and times this session. Please select one option from the drop down menu below.

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Learn medical Spanish basics in Beginning 1 Medical Spanish and start using your new Spanish vocabulary after your first night of classes!

Beginning 1 Medical Spanish Details:

Required Text: An Introduction to Spanish for Healthcare Workers, 4th ed.
Contact for Questions: Rory Foster: [email protected]

This Beginning 1 Medical Spanish Class helps you learn medical Spanish basics; becoming comfortable with medical Spanish phrases and medical Spanish vocabulary. You will learn greetings and goodbyes, patient introductions, basic interview skills, common cold and flu symptoms, body parts, pain and injuries, vital signs, basic medical vocabulary, numbers, telling time and units of measure. A great place to start learning!

This Medical Spanish class is great for students who…

  • Have little or no experience with Spanish–OR
  • Aren’t currently using their Spanish because they have never been comfortable enough to try and use the Spanish language they know.
  • Know a little general Spanish, but would like to start learning Medical Spanish vocabulary and phrases.

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 Thoughts from recent Beginning 1 Medical Spanish students:

I have used my new skills 3 times sense the class ended. We have many Spanish speaking patients and I can tell they appreciate me communicating with them! The following day after our last class, I met a pt who was being discharged. I needed her to come to my clinic the next day and I was able to introduce myself and tell her and her family to come to the clinic. Hillarie G.

Abby is very engaging and makes the class interactive which helps after coming off a 10 hour work day. I still need a lot more work before I’m functional, but I’ve gotten better with vocabulary which has helped in my interactions with patients (understanding if they want to eat, walk, etc.) but I want to become more conversational. Jenna

I have been on light duty so I have not been having patient contact. It’s been fun knowing what others are talking about throughout the hospital and being able to read all the billboards in my neighborhood! Michelle P

The instructor was very energetic and kept strong interest through class. I’ve been able to help people around the hospital and understand their basic concerns. Whitney

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21 reviews for Beginning 1 Medical Spanish in Denver & Aurora Colorado


This was a great course. I was able to practice practical terms and sentences. Instructor was approachable and helpful with all skill levels. It was a supportive class environment.


This class was super helpful, I was able to use things learned in each class in real life situations week to week! Small class sizes, great instructors and varied learning activities kept me interested and involved. I would highly recommend this class and will definitely be taking another CGIn in the future!


The teaching is fantastic! It's tailored to learning exactly the conversational, clinical Spanish that I need! I wholeheartedly recommend the course and the company!


I was very nervous going into the class as my Spanish was not that great. But the class reviewed all the basics while working on medical terms and patient communication.
Rory was a great instructor and made the whole learning experience lots of fun! I recommend the Beginning Medical Spanish to anyone interacting with Spanish speakers in the the medical field.


Great Class!! I would definitely recommend this class to anyone who is looking to feel more comfortable around their Spanish speaking patients. You learn very important phrases that I can immediately use with my patients


I was pleased with the amount of knowledge I got from taking Beginning 1 medical Spanish! After completing the course I am able to introduce myself, confirm my patients name, birthday, symptoms, and obtain a pain score. I feel more confident with each patient!


Very fun class! Recommending it to all my coworkers who are interested in learning Spanish to better communicate with their patients!


This was a great class! We were given so much valuable information. I feel with my basic knowledge from this class, I am able to communicate better with my patients. Highly recommended!


Rory was an excellent and very fun instructor. I went into this class with an okay base of Spanish skills but I thought it might be good to start from scratch. The beginning of the class started out very basic but then moved into some very good language and vocabulary skills and learning. Overall I was very satisfied with the class, if you are new to Spanish this is a great place to start, if you have some basic Spanish down such as structure, conjugation and greeting and also have a good base of medical vocabulary such as symptoms and anatomy then you could likely start with the beginner II class. I probably could have started with level II but there was a ton of medical vocab covered that I didn't know so I still found that this class was helpful. Bottom line, I would recommend it for anyone new to Spanish through the experienced beginner speaker.

Eddie M

Excellent beginning Med Spanish course! Rory's instruction is second-to-none and he always makes the class fun and worthwhile. Highly recommended!


This is a great class! The instructors are fun and make learning easier

Swati Kumar

Awesome course. Instructor Mr. Raleigh was always supportive and understanding.


Awesome class. I loved that my class was tailored for the dental professions. Very practical such that most of us found ourselves after only 2 or 3 classes using what we were learning in class with our patients in the clinic.


It was a great experience!


I am so glad I took this beginning medical Spanish class, although it was a bit difficult to prioritize Spanish homework along with medical school curriculum the classes were so much fun it was worth it and I did learn the basics. I looked forward to these classes overtime because Rory was so engaging and funny- I would recommend any of these programs in a heart beat.


Rory was a great instructor. He was very helpful and engaged in teaching us to think, speak, and listen in Spanish. Rory was great at being sure to speak to us in Spanish so we could have more of an opportunity to hear the language and begin to understand what he was saying as well as have the opportunity to speak back to him in Spanish. I would highly recommend this class.


This class was super fun and interactive! Rory was a greater instructor who tried to immerse the class to speak, listen, and think in Spanish. I wish I had more time to study on my own as well as have more class time, but then, my school schedule was and is crazy, so maybe it was for the best.


Excellent class for beginners. I never felt "lost". Teacher was engaged with the class. Will continue with beginners 2.


Great class! I am very motivated to continue with future medical spanish classes with Common Ground! Raleigh is a great and very patient instructor!


This course was great. Unfortunatley my job is mainly focused around administrative duties, this course focused on direct contact with a patient and their symptoms. I still enjoyed the class and learned alot that may help me in the future.


It was great, if I had more time I would have been able to learn a ton. Sadly, tests were more important to me at the time but now that I am in clinic, medical Spanish is a must! This class was fun and interactive! Loved it!

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