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Advanced Medical Spanish | Denver Colorado

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Advanced Medical Spanish is perfect for the person who speaks Spanish confidently, but who needs some tweaking and refining while learning relevant vocabulary for clinical settings.

Anschutz Medical Campus: Thursdays, August 30 – December 6 (4:00-5:50p)

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Advanced Medical Spanish is a conversational and topic-based class that addresses everyday clinical scenarios and common patient interactions.

You will review various advanced level grammar topics that are usually challenging for both 2nd language learners and heritage Spanish speakers (subjunctive mood, formal commands, conditional tenses, preterit vs imperfect, por vs para, etc). The vocabulary topics are highly adapted to the individual students in the class. In addition to the essential vocabulary to describe human anatomy, common signs and symptoms, medical history, pharmacy and dosing instructions, etc; you will have the opportunity to explore vocabulary relating specifically to your area of practice.

This advanced medical Spanish class is conducted entirely in Spanish, and the expectation is that you will be using Spanish exclusively in class.

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Reflections from recent Advanced Medical Spanish learners:

I liked how we went over SOAP notes and how to introduce yourself when doing a medical interview. Practicing the medical interview was the best. Joseph

I really liked studying systems as it helped me organize the vocabulary that we learned. Anonymous

I enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and the professors understanding of our rigorous schedule.  I also enjoyed simply being in a Spanish-speaking environment. Phillip M. 

I liked that we had a lot of open discussion. The clinical medical vocabulary and common phrases that are appropriate to use in a hospital are probably most useful to me. Anonymous

The clinic sessions with scenarios is definitely the best. The grammar exercises are good as well. However, I’d love to have more clinic sessions because it helps to build fast the needed vocabulary and speaking skills. Diem C

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11 reviews for Advanced Medical Spanish | Denver Colorado


Course has been a good refresher on advanced grammar and gives examples of situations when specific grammar concepts are most useful in medical conversations. I have really enjoyed role playing different medical scenarios and have learned lots of useful vocab that way, too. Rory is fun and engaging and open to teaching any topic that students are most interested in learning!

Lindsey Harr

This class is taught at a pace that is easy to follow, while also challenging me to learn more and improve on my Spanish each week! Rory is an incredible and engaging instructor and is always ensuring that the class is applicable to what we can us in a medical profession!

Zoey Thompson

This is a wonderful class to learn very practical medical Spanish! Rory is an amazing instructor and always works to keep the classes different and engaging. He is also very good at tailoring this class to student's interests. I am excited to be able to used what I have learned in a clinic setting!

Katie Calderwood

This class is a great overall medical spanish course. We get a lot of medical vocab, review different tenses and practice listening, reading, speaking and writing skills. This course is going to make a big difference in clinic with spanish-speaking patients.

Molly McLean

Rory's an incredible facilitator who makes you want to participate in class. I really appreciate the heavy emphasis on conversation, conversation, conversation! We jump right into practicing a lot of clinically relevant scenarios and I highly recommend this course for any and all looking to greatly improve their medical Spanish.

Em E.

It's rough having class from 5-7pm on a Monday, but Rory makes it worth it! He has such a positive and fun attitude and always has new and different exercises for us (speaking, listening, comprehension, grammar, vocab). I really like that we start with an oral warm-up each class and there's ample time to practice in small groups. Rory often solicits feedback to make sure we're getting out of the class what we want, and even better is that he definitely listens and works to improve the class based on our recommendations. Recomendaría esta clase a todos!

Megan Darrow

Rory is a great instructor and makes this class very fun and engaging! It is the perfect class for those who have some Spanish background, but need a review of grammar and want to learn the new vocabulary and structure of Medical Spanish. The class is energetic and provides the applicable information students want to learn!

Liz Barlow

Rory is an incredible teacher, and I really enjoy the structure of this class. There's a perfect balance of speaking, listening, and learning new grammar and vocabulary. Rory is very receptive and responsive to feedback from the class as well!

Emalyn Hiney

This is a great interactive medical Spanish class with lots of conversational practice. It also includes a lot of grammar and medical vocab. I find the topics very applicable to my practice as a nurse. The class is a lot of fun and well worth the time and money!

Claire Ramirez

Very well-organized class that integrates a range of different activities to keep us on our toes and engaged during class (conversational warm ups, small group work, grammar review, class discussion, writing/worksheets, incorporating videos/articles in Spanish, new medical vocabulary, etc.). Overall, a very practical class that allows students to quickly begin applying their Spanish skills in a clinic setting. Additionally, Rory's enthusiasm and humor keeps the class fun and entertaining!

Hannah Levorsen

This is a great interactive class to practice conversational medical Spanish. There is a good combination of grammar review and medically related practice. Rory is energetic and tailors the class to our needs as students!

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