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Intercambio | Spanish – English Language Exchange

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Register here to join the Intercambio: Spanish & English Language Exchange. As a member, you’ll get:

  • To connect with a conversation partner in our private and secure online Spanish & English practice group for professionals. You can match with a partner (or several) that are a good fit on a language level, a professional level and your schedule.
  • Downloadable Conversation templates that include ice-breaker questions, sentence starters, essential vocabulary, and grammar for the weekly topic.
  • Join the weekly coaching sessions and get help with your grammar questions and personalized tips on strategies to achieve your learning goals.
  • Access to grammar and vocabulary mini lessons in video and pdf formats to boost your conversation practice.

Regístrese aquí para unirse al grupo de conversación español – inglés. En este grupo tendrá acceso a:

  • Conectar con un compañero de conversación en nuestro grupo online de práctica de inglés y español para profesionales privado y seguro. Puedes emparejarte con un compañero (o varios) que sea la mejor opción en cuanto a nivel del idioma, nivel profesional y tu horario.
  • Plantillas de conversación descargables que incluyen preguntas para romper el hielo, frases iniciales, vocabulario esencial y gramática para el tema semanal.
  • Acceso a las sesiones de entrenamiento semanales y ayuda con tus dudas de gramática y consejos y estrategias personalizadas para alcanzar tus metas de aprendizaje.
  • Acceso a mini lecciones de gramática y vocabulario en vídeo y PDF para potenciar tu práctica de conversación.

Grab your spot in our guided language exchange group for professionals and serious language learners who want to launch their communication skills to the next level. Join this language exchange community today to bring your language to LIFE in a guided, structured, professional environment.

Asegura tu lugar en nuestro grupo guiado de intercambio para profesionales y estudiantes serios de idiomas que quieren llevar sus habilidades de comunicación al siguiente nivel. Únete a esta comunidad de intercambio de idiomas hoy para traer tu segundo idioma a la VIDA dentro de un ambiente guiado, estructurado y profesional.


How is this group different from other conversational groups out there?

  • SAFE & SECURE!!! This is not a public site- you have to be a paying member and a good fit to enter Intercambio. (This is not a dating site)
  • DEDICATION: This community is for career minded individuals who share the motivation and willingness to invest in intentional, guided weekly conversation to GROW their language skills.
  • INTENTIONAL:  Members receive weekly topical conversation guides to direct their conversations and not waste time in useless meet-ups!
  • EXPERT-LED: Our expert, bilingual language coaches are your guides! They direct your weekly conversations by providing downloadable conversation templates packed with ice-breaker questions, sentence starters, essential vocabulary, and grammar.
  • HYPER-FOCUSED: All members, language coaches and content in Intercambio have the same GOAL of growing in their communication skills.

¿Qué hace diferente a este grupo de los otros grupos conversacionales que hay por ahí?

  • ¡FIABLE Y SEGURO!: Este no es un sitio público. Tienes que ser miembro pago y ser el candidato correcto para participar en el intercambio (no es un sitio de citas).
  • DEDICACIÓN: esta comunidad es para profesionales comparten la misma motivación y disposición de invertir en conversaciones guiadas semanales para INCREMENTAR sus habilidades en el idioma.
  • INTENCIONAL: los miembros recibirán guías temáticas de conversación semanales para dirigir sus conversaciones y no malgastar su tiempo en juntadas inútiles.
  • DIRIGIDO POR EXPERTOS: ¡Nuestros instructores bilingües expertos son tus guías! Ellos dirigirán tus conversaciones semanales proporcionándote plantillas descargables de conversación con preguntas para romper el hielo, frases iniciales, vocabulario esencial y gramática.
  • HÍPER ENFOCADO: Todos los miembros, los instructores de idiomas y el contenido en Intercambio comparten la META de incrementar las habilidades comunicativas.

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Be a part of our mission. Do you…

  • Know someone that could benefit from learning or improving their spoken English or Spanish?
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  • Perhaps you have a person in mind that is unable to pay for weekly English or Spanish conversational lessons?

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33 reviews for Intercambio | Spanish – English Language Exchange

Aliana Summers

I LOVE this program! I find that having chats set up with my conversational partners from other countries is a real motivation for me. The chats give me a reason to do the work. Normally, knowing I’d have an in-person class would be the reason, but of course that’s impossible now. Communicating with a native speaker is such a great way to match the pronunciation of words with what they look like on paper. I highly recommend Intercambio, and I’ve found all those reviews about the excellent service to be completely true. Leslie and Rory are fantastic!

melsi Gonzales

Este tipo de ayuda en hablar y escuchar el idioma que estas aprendiendo con personas nativos del idioma nos ayuda mejor y es una buena estrategia en el aprendizaje. Y los compañeros de practica son geniales en ayudar..!

José Ambrocio Xóc Díaz

El mejor programa, estoy muy feliz de pertenecer a este maravilloso grupo , esto es un reto muy grande para mi hablar con personas del idioma Inglés nativo y tenía miedo de hablar ya que yo soy principiante de habla Inglés con tan solo unas semanas poco a poco perdí el miedo y a demás nos ayudamos entre todos , yo recomiendo a todas las personas que sea parte de este maravilloso programa

Rebeca Castillo

Estoy muy feliz de esta hermosa experiencia, con el intercambio he perdido el miedo a equivocarme y hablar mucho más, con más cofianza y lo más importante pensar en inglés. Disfruto de las conversaciones con mis partners , me han ayudado muchísimo y son geniales.
Gracias por esta gran oportunidad!!!

Gabriela Guevara
Gabriela Guevara

Me encanta el programa. al principio cuando me dijeron de integrarme a Intercambio me dio un poco de susto pues hablar en ingles con personas que lo saben bien era todo un reto, Sin embargo lo acepte y pense que debia hacerlo. Intercambio me ha ayudado a superar ese miedo y a hablar sin temor a equivocarme, me ha dado mas confianza y mis partners son fantasticas y me han ayudado muchisimo, yo solo espero estar haciendo lo mismo con ellas, ayudandolas con el aprendizaje de su espanol.

Nathan Smith

I have really enjoyed my experience with Intercambio. It is a professional, valuable, flexible service that provides new avenues through which I am able to study Spanish. I have taken many good classes that have focused on Spanish grammar, reading, and writing, but this program allows me to put those skills into practice in a safe, friendly environment for all levels of Spanish and English speakers.

LeAnn Seto

The enthusiasm, creativity, and organization of the teachers is AMAZING and top quality! I look forward to each week’s lesson and the online practice, but especially the practice with my friend in person! Each week Leslie tells us to “open your mouths and make mistakes” at the end of every video lesson and I always chuckle, but that is really what is making this class such a success for me. In classroom settings it’s all about getting the right conjugations, but with Intercambio it’s about just using what you DO know and having fun with your friend and your language. I have such a better relationship with Spanish now because I’m not so afraid of mistakes any longer. I actually feel hopeful that I could truly become competent with people who only speak Spanish because of Intercambio!

Tim Dempsey

Intercambio provides a wonderful , supportive environment for all levels of Spanish/English learners. The lessons are well organized and professionally done. The opportunity to interact with other learners sets this program apart from others.

Kellly Pritchard

Well done! Very professional! Very friendly! Very effective! Worth the money!

Juliet Franklin

Intercambio is the answer to my wishes! I have been trying to learn Spanish for more years than I would like to admit, and then the ad for this program popped up in my email. It is fun, affordable, and effective. I have a conversation partner which keeps me accountable each week to study the fun and engaging materials provided by Leslie and Rory Foster. They provide many other resources, including “office hours,” which is a fun way to meet online and practice our Spanish (or English). I highly recommend this program.

Susan Wingo
Susan Wingo

This is a wonderful way to improve your Spanish speaking & listening skills. The organization of the course is outstanding. Each week focuses on a theme, and associated vocabulary and grammar topics. The vocabulary is available on the Quizlet phone app (e-flash cards), making it easy to study the vocabulary any time, any place. The lessons provide structure for the conversations with a partner, so there are no awkward pauses trying to figure out what to talk about next. And there is an emphasis on saying what you are thinking without stressing about getting it exactly right. I can sit down and write out a conjugation for many verbs, but coming up with the right form on the fly in conversation is a very different skill that I am developing now. I am very happy with this course, and wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who wants to take their Spanish to a new level.

Nancy Harrison
Nancy Harrison

Intercambio has been a fun and very inexpensive way to help forward my Spanish learning. Speaking with native Spanish speakers is invaluable and the program has connected me to language partners I can skype or whatsapp with. It works with my schedule and I can practice as much or as little as I want. It reaches all types of learners – you get video instruction, written instruction, one-on-one practice with your partner(s), and group practice during “office hours” every week. You can ask questions each week and they will be answered in the group. So glad I found this program!

Carolyn Green
Carolyn Green

Intercambio is the next best thing to immersion travel to improve your Spanish skills (or even better for those of us who like to stay home!). Rory and Leslie provide a comfortable environment where it’s OK to be brave and learn by making mistakes. It’s easy to find a native Spanish speaker with whom to practice. The weekly guided lessons provide a comfortable platform for learning through conversation. Try it!

Bhagwant Borkar
Bhagwant Borkar

This is the best site and cheapest to learn spoken Spanish.
BB Borkar,MD


Intercambio is a fun way to chat and get to know people from other countries. It is kind of like having a pen pal to practice your language skills with!

Carol Sullivan
Carol Sullivan

Intercambio makes learning Spanish an exciting, intriguing, enlightening process. no matter what your entry level. Sometimes I feel as freshly inspired as my 9-year- old self did when she wrote letters to a pen-pal in Paris! In these quarantined times, I feel genuinely connected to a intercontinental community.

Yalile Blanco
Yalile Blanco

Estoy muy feliz, porque pierdo el miedo a conversar con este intercambio.
Gracias Leslie y Rory.

Suzanne Carroll
Suzanne Carroll

This intercambio program is so much more than I expected. I knew that I would have an opportunity to practice speaking Spanish each week, which I absolutely need. I was nervous! However, the weekly conversation guides, grammar focus, and office hours provide so much support. They are so well thought out and connected. My partners and I use the guide as our starting point, and then the conversation starts flowing with ease. Not only is my Spanish improving, but I feel like I have made new friends in other countries. Thank you!

Yorleny Romero
Yorleny Romero

Este Intercambio me ha permitido dejar el temor de hablar inglés y equivocarme y seguir practicando, es una oportunidad para crecer, mejorar. Muy agradecida por la oportunidad e interactuar con muchas personas! Muchísimas gracias

Kelsey Ouellette
Kelsey Ouellette

The Intercambio has been a perfect way to keep up with my Spanish! It’s very tailored to my availability and ability level. A very welcoming community of no-judgement, just everyone trying to improve their language abilities! The conversation guides that Rory and Leslie provide are such a unique and vital part of this program that help guide ALL learners at all levels with their conversations. I’ve been able to connect with multiple people from multiple different countries, which is an invaluable and fantastic way for me to continuously learn and improve my Spanish as well as cultural awareness.

Kim McConnell
Kim McConnell

Leslie and Rory are doing an amazing job with this new program. The encouragement to simply start practicing rather than worrying about perfection is just what I needed. Leslie’s office hours and teaching sessions are outstanding for their clarity, energy, and specificity to each new learning task. This is an incredible opportunity to connect with Spanish speakers from literally around the world and to practice in a safe, encouraging environment. The conversational guides are thorough and helpful and serve to give structure and intentional learning to the actual conversation times. Leslie and Rory also work hard to adjust to the various needs of the students by offering relevant content. I highly recommend Intercambio if you want to advance in your Spanish conversational skills.

Priscilla Guerrero Gracia
Priscilla Guerrero Gracia

Estoy demasiado contenta con el programa, conocer gente nueva y aprender de una manera tan dinámica y divertida en verdad facilita mucho el proceso de aprendizaje.

Katalina Sánchez R

Súper feliz de poder conocer personas y poder practicar el idioma con personas de mi misma profesión e intercambiar experiencias

Silvana Romitelli
Silvana Romitelli

Estoy muy agradecida de participar de esta experiencia de intercambio en la que ambas personas que conversamos nos encontramos motivadas cada una cumpliendo sus objetivos y ayudando al otro a cumplirlos!

Bhagwant Borkar
Bhagwant Borkar

He estado estudiando español desde hace 3 Anyos usando youtube Y computador, pero siento que intercambio es la mejor manera de aprender español hablado.
BB Borkar

Anita Chupp

Thank you Intercambio! Not only is this platform creating space for me to have a weekly conversation in Spanish in a judgement-free environment which is definitely help mprove my fluency but Intercambio is facilitating connection with people in other countries in a time when connecting is difficult and CRITICAL. The guided conversations provided by Intercambio helped completely alleviate my nervousness about having a conversation in Spanish with a person I have never met – now I definitely look forward to my scheduled conversations!! Thank you!

Jeniffer Shearer
Jeniffer Shearer

The Intercambio program is one of the most amazing resources I have ever seen in truly growing in the language and finally having a safe, comfortable, and fun place to practice speaking! I have known and have taught the basics of Spanish for over 16 years but my deep fear of making mistakes, sounding ignorant, and being timid to speak has prevented me from growing and moving forward. The Intercambio program has been an answered prayer. The weekly teachings and conversation topics, encouraging teachers, being matched with speaking partners that are at my level, and having the opportunity to speak as often as needed- in my own home, with people from around the world is the perfect combination. The program has allowed me to jump leaps and bounds in my learning within a matter of weeks and I have gained more confidence in these first few weeks then I have in years. Intercambio has also re-ignited my passion for Spanish. I look forward to each new week in the program and can’t wait to see just how far I can grow.

Maureen Marín
Maureen Marín

Me siento super contenta con el programa. Conocer personas nuevas y poder practicar es una excelente oportunidad. Muchas gracias !

Yalile Blanco
Yalile Blanco

Thank for the opportunity in the community, Im very happy for practicing with other people. It is very easy and funny. Practice with other takes away any fear of conversation. Thank you!

Joe Sekely

Leslie, you do such a great job teaching me Spanish. I made a great choice to connect with you and the Intercambio team.

Charlotte Rivera

Hooray for Intercambio / Common Ground. This is the first time I have been successful practicing Spanish. You may practice with anyone in the class, you converse is English if you are an English learner, or In Spanish if you are Spanish language learner. The students, whonare from all over the world, partner up to practice.
The teachers, Leslie and Rory send out one lesson, so you and your partner a basis for conversation. This week talked about the pandemic.
It is well thought out and executed program. I am so excited to be practicing regularly. It is not about perfection or grades. It is about enjoying chatting with people who want to chat with you.
It is extraordinary and I love it.

Nancy Penman
Nancy Penman

I appreciate the opportunity to converse so much. I have taken many classes in Spanish where the teacher talks in English-so frustrating.. I have been looking for a way to prioritize conversation for so long!-And here’ it is! Reasonably priced, curated by professionals, and Leslie has been so attentive , encouraging & helpful-my emails are always answered promptly with the info I requested.

Chelsie Cabak
Chelsie Cabak

Thank you for helping me to speak Spanish with Intercambio. This class came at a perfect time to help me achieve my dream of learning and speaking Spanish. I am grateful that you shared the importance of getting the message across rather than getting hung up on proper grammar. Since I have never taken a Spanish class (until now), I’ve always been afraid to say anything at all. Literally anything! I have a good friend that is from Mexico, and I wouldn’t even try to say anything to her in Spanish! Now I am being brave, and it is because of you and this class that you are offering. I truly appreciate how your passion to help others has changed many lives including mine. Thank you!

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