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Intercambio Sponsorship

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Do you want to sponsor someone to improve their English or Spanish Skills?

Our mission at Common Ground International is to impact communities through language. We do that in a variety of ways; through community outreach programs, immersion work, private and public classes and more.

Be a part of our mission. Do you…

  • Know someone that could benefit from learning or improving their spoken English or Spanish?
  • Would improving their language skills give them more opportunities for the future?
  • Perhaps you have a person in mind that is unable to pay for weekly English or Spanish conversational lessons?

Sign up to be a sponsor and give a language learner an opportunity to go further in their career, job, or life. Plug them into an international community of serious language learners.

Perhaps you want to be a sponsor, but you don’t have anyone in mind? No problem at all, we will find you a motivated learner in Latin America to sponsor.

When you sponsor someone to grow in their language skills, you will:

  • Contribute in a significant way to someone’s career trajectory and future opportunities
  • Receive a monthly update on their progress
  • Receive updates on their participation

When you sponsor an English or Spanish language learner to join Intercambio Spanish & English Language Exchange their communication skills will launch to the next level.

Intercambio is a professional community of language learners that a dedicated to improving their speaking skills for professional or personal purposes.

How is this group different from other conversational groups out there?

  • SAFE & SECURE!!! This is not a public site- you have to be either a paying or sponsored member and a good fit to enter Intercambio. (This is not a dating site)
  • DEDICATION: This community is for career minded individuals who share the motivation and willingness to invest in intentional, guided weekly conversation to GROW their language skills.
  • INTENTIONAL:  Members receive weekly topical conversation guides to direct their conversations and not waste time in useless meet-ups!
  • EXPERT-LED: Our expert, bilingual language coaches are your guides! They direct your weekly conversations by providing downloadable conversation templates packed with ice-breaker questions, sentence starters, essential vocabulary, and grammar.
  • HYPER-FOCUSED: All members, language coaches and content in Intercambio have the same GOAL of growing in their communication skills.

¿Qué hace diferente a este grupo de los otros grupos conversacionales que hay por ahí?

  • ¡FIABLE Y SEGURO!: Este no es un sitio público. Tienes que ser miembro pago o patrocinado y ser el candidato correcto para participar en el intercambio (no es un sitio de citas).
  • DEDICACIÓN: esta comunidad es para profesionales comparten la misma motivación y disposición de invertir en conversaciones guiadas semanales para INCREMENTAR sus habilidades en el idioma.
  • INTENCIONAL: los miembros recibirán guías temáticas de conversación semanales para dirigir sus conversaciones y no malgastar su tiempo en juntadas inútiles.
  • DIRIGIDO POR EXPERTOS: ¡Nuestros instructores bilingües expertos son tus guías! Ellos dirigirán tus conversaciones semanales proporcionándote plantillas descargables de conversación con preguntas para romper el hielo, frases iniciales, vocabulario esencial y gramática.
  • HÍPER ENFOCADO: Todos los miembros, los instructores de idiomas y el contenido en Intercambio comparten la META de incrementar las habilidades comunicativas.

Sponsored members will:

  • Connect with a conversation partner in our private and secure online Spanish & English practice group for professionals. Members can match with a partner (or several) that are a good fit on a language level, a professional level and your schedule.
  • Get Weekly Access to Spanish and English lessons, Vocabulary, Grammar and Downloadable Conversation templates that include ice-breaker questions, sentence starters, essential vocabulary, and grammar for the weekly topic.
  • Join the weekly coaching sessions and get help with grammar questions and personalized tips on strategies to achieve learning goals.
  • Access to grammar and vocabulary mini lessons in video and pdf formats to boost conversation practice.

En este grupo, miembros tendrán acceso a:

  • Conectar con un compañero de conversación en nuestro grupo online de práctica de inglés y español para profesionales privado y seguro. Puede emparejarse con un compañero (o varios) que sea la mejor opción en cuanto a nivel del idioma, nivel profesional y el horario.
  • Lecciones semanales de inglés y español, vocabulario, gramática, plantillas de conversación descargables que incluyen preguntas para romper el hielo, frases iniciales, vocabulario esencial y gramática para el tema semanal.
  • Acceso a las sesiones de entrenamiento semanales y ayuda con las dudas de gramática y consejos y estrategias personalizadas para alcanzar tus metas de aprendizaje.
  • Acceso a mini lecciones de gramática y vocabulario en vídeo y PDF para potenciar tu práctica de conversación.

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2 reviews for Intercambio Sponsorship

  1. Una compañera

    Me gusta ser parte de esta asociación. Estudiar un idioma en otro país es mi sueño, y ahora estoy viviendo este sueño en Internet.

  2. Anon

    It’s like being with there in Ecuador, Guatemala, or Costa Rica with old friends and new. Sponsoring English-learners in Latin America while learning more Spanish has fired me up. Even though we’re using Skype and WhatsApp, I get to see those I’m sponsoring and other Intercambio participants. In real time they are introducing their mama, their brothers, their friends, showing me their homes, sending me photos of their dogs, their motorcycles, the lunch that their husband made for them today. Tanto aprendizaje! ¡Tanto compartir! ¡Qué divertido! —Anon

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