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Intercambio Spanish & English Language Exchange

Bring your Spanish to life and get the confidence to speak for your professional or personal purposes in our vibrant, multicultural Spanish & English learning community.


Improving your Spanish isn’t as hard as you think. It just takes an intentional, relevant, interactive method that was hard to find — until now!

Aprendiz de inglés, ve esta página en español aquí

Did you know… 1.2 billion people are learning a foreign language right now? The problem is- very few can actually speak in the language they are learning!

You are able to improve your Spanish! It’s not as hard as you think.

✓ Discover the TWO critical elements you need

✓ These two elements are the most neglected in many Spanish learning programs

✓ These will bring your Spanish speaking skills to life and give you the confidence!

Intercambio is right for you if…

✓ You want to build bridges and have greater impact in the communities you live, work or volunteer in

✓ Improving your Spanish is a personal or professional goal

✓ You are afraid to speak Spanish for fear of saying the wrong thing or making mistakes

✓ You want to learn relevant Spanish that you can use immediately

✓ You’ve plateaued – You’ve been stuck at the same level FOREVER.

✓ You want to speak with Spanish speaking family members or friends

✓ You want to be more confident and fluent

✓ You are motivated and acknowledge that mistakes are part of the learning process

✓ You want to be part of an amazing, international community of Spanish and English learners

Congratulations👏 You’re in the right place!

Intercambio will give you the learning tools, tips and strategies, inspiration, and
unparalleled support on your journey to to becoming a more confident, caring and
fluent Spanish speaker.

For TWO decades, we’ve partnered with thousands of Spanish learners in a variety of professional contexts and have discovered two key elements that are critical in learning and improving Spanish…

Critical Element # 1 ⬇️

The Functional Fluency Approach

Relevant Spanish you can use immediately! Discover a non-traditional learning model based on real life conversations. You don’t have the time or luxury to study Spanish moving through a linear approach until you start using it!

Critical Element # 2 ⬇️

Conversational practice

The most critical learning component that left out of online learning programs. Transfer your head knowledge into speaking ability ! Gain confidence and fluency.

2 Medical Spanish Pronunciation Rules

Why are you still wasting time and $ learning Spanish the wrong way?

With results like these…

actually feel hopeful that I could truly become competent with people who only speak Spanish because of Intercambio!

I have taken many good classes that have focused on Spanish grammar, reading, and writing, but this program allows me to put those skills into practice  in a safe, friendly environment for all levels of Spanish and English speakers.”

” In classroom settings it’s all about getting the right conjugations, but with Intercambio it’s about just using what you DO know and having fun with your friend and your language. I have such a better relationship with Spanish now because I’m not so afraid of mistakes any longer!”

…It’s No Wonder Our Clients Are RAVING About Our Unique Approach to Improving your Spanish Conversational Skills and Confidence!

The opportunity to practice SPEAKING is paramount to improving your Spanish proficiency and often the most underestimated in the learning journey.

When you join Intercambio, you will…

Drastically improve your current level of Spanish when you practice with native speakers

✓ Overcome your fear of making mistakes

✓ Gain speaking confidence

✓ Start thinking in Spanish

✓ Speak with more fluency and more naturally

✓ Be part of a fun and encouraging family of language learners that support and motivate you.

✓ Build friendships with Spanish speakers around the world.

✓ Learn thousands of new vocabulary words, expressions and grammar structures.

Above all else, Intercambio will set you up for success to use Spanish in your personal and professional life with confidence, ease and fluency!

Let me show you what’s waiting for you inside Intercambio Spanish & English Language Exchange. There are two membership plans for you to choose from.

SPEAKING is a non-negotiable to transforming your Spanish. When you join the Intercambio community you get:

Motivated & Encouraging Peers

Join a network of career oriented professionals that share the goal of taking their Spanish or English skills to the next level.

Weekly Speaking Opportunities

Download your conversational guide and practice speaking with your exchange partner.

Spanish vocabulary & grammar lessons.

Study the lesson of the week, learn new vocabulary and grammar and practice it during your “Intercambios”



Attend New Members Orientation and get matched with a conversational partner

Once you register, you’ll complete the onboarding lesson, get matched with a partner, set your goals, and be on your way to improving your Spanish.


Study the lesson & have your conversations

1st and 3rd Fridays we release a lesson for you to study on your own time. Review the conversational guides and their related grammar and vocabulary lessons to support your conversations. 2nd and 4th weeks, you’ll meet online with your conversation partner(s) and practice speaking together!


Join Office Hours & Spanish Workships

Join office hours on the 2nd and 4th Thursday evenings of the month for additional practice, to meet other community members, and to get all your questions answered from the week’s lesson. Participate in our monthly Spanish workshops and master the trickiest concepts.

What will we be learning? Check out some of the units…

Intercambio is the sweet spot between just enough instruction and lots of guided communication practice in an encouraging and enthusiastic environment

Are you ready to boost your Spanish to the next level?

You choose your membership level…

Plain and simple: Intercambio Spanish & English Language Exchange changes lives and it’s officially OPEN for enrollment!


Intercambio has hit on the one thing that all my other classes over the years-high school, college, adult ed, even a school in Mexico-have never focused on: it’s OK to make mistakes when speaking! Just do it!

Rosemary Espinosa

Dedicated Spanish Learner

The encouraging philosophy to ‘take a risk’ and weekly topics make it so much easier to open my mouth and speak Spanish more than I’ve experienced in any other course.

Carolyn Green

Dedicated Spanish Learner

What does a MONTH in Intercambio look like?


STUDY THE LESSON! 1st & 3rd Fridays of each month we release a new Lesson.

You have one week to study the lesson and prepare for your Intercambio with your language exchange partner. We recommend you block out 30 minutes 3 times a week to study.


PRACTICE IN YOUR INTERCAMBIOS! 2nd and 4th weeks of each month you apply what you learn with your language exchange partner.

It’s all about the application. You have one week to STUDY and one week to IMPLEMENT. You schedule this at a time that works for you!

Repeat that pattern and you will see huge conversational progress. STUDY…IMPLEMENT…STUDY…IMPLEMENT


THURSDAY NIGHTS Join Office Hours & Spanish Workshops

Office hours take place on the 2nd and 4th Thursday evening of the month. Drop in for additional practice and to meet other community members! Once a month join our Spanish workshops where you master tricky grammar concepts.

What does a month in Intercambio + PLUS look like?


STUDY THE LESSON! 1st & 3rd Fridays of each month we release a new Lesson.


PRACTICE IN YOUR INTERCAMBIOS! 2nd and 4th weeks of each month you apply what you learn with your language exchange partner.



This is optional, come when you can, drop in for additional practice, to meet other community members. 2nd and 4th Thursday evenings of the month.


4th week of the month study the special Intercambio + Plus lesson that goes deeper into our monthly theme.


Exclusive sessions and activities for Intercambio Plus+ members
  • Weekly Book Club meeting
  • Movie night and activities
  • Song of the month study

When you enroll in Intercambio you’ll get these three bonus courses to add to your learning and conversational resources. 

Bonus # 1

Foundations in Spanish
$149.00 value

This crash course will give you a strong base to continue in your learning or to review concepts you have studied before.

6 lessons will help you build a strong linguistic foundation:

  1. Spanish pronunciation
  2. Greetings and introductions
  3. Foundational vocabulary
  4. Verbs SER and ESTAR 
  5. Present tense verbs 
  6. Master the most common verbs

When you register for Intercambio, you get immediate access to this course and it is self paced.

Bonus # 2

Spanish Challenge course
$149.00 value

Kickstart your Spanish learning through a series of 4 challenges. In this Spanish challenge course you will increase your confidence and your Spanish speaking proficiency. 

During this challenge you will:

  1. Create your individualized learning plan to fast track your SPanish progress and get into action
  2. Develope a conversational plan to practice skills with native SPanish speakers
  3. Eliminate fear and frustration as you learn about 3 strategic language acquisition strategies. 

When you register for Intercambio, you get full access to the challenge course. 

Bonus # 3

Additional learning Resources
$49.00 value

Add these learning and conversational resources to your repertoire:

  1. Conversational activities: Get together with a conversational partner and use these guides & activities to guide your conversations
  2. Spanish lessons: Get the scoop on some of the trickiest concepts in the Spanish language. Make your way through these lessons
  3. Lessons for specific purposes: Here are some additional Spanish lessons for health care workers and educators 
  4. Top 10 podcasts to listen to for improving your Spanish

Join this Intercambio- a unique language exchange community to bring LIFE to your language in a guided, structured, fun, professional environment.

See what type of results our members are already having in Intercambio

“I find myself thinking in Spanish now! Did I mention I’ve never taken a Spanish class before?”

Chelsea Cabak


I LOVE this program! I find that having chats set up with my conversational partners from other countries is a real motivation for me. Communicating with a native speaker is such a great way to match the pronunciation of words with what they look like on paper. I highly recommend Intercambio, and I’ve found all those reviews about the excellent service to be completely true. Leslie and Rory are fantastic!

Aliana Summers

“Stepping into Intercambio set me free from the prison of classroom learning.”

LeAnn Seto

Intercambio will give you the confidence and proficiency you want or need in your Spanish communication skills.

Enroll in Intercambio Today before enrollment closes.

I can enjoy an entire year of learning and practicing for less than 1/2 the cost of 1 community college class. And, what a great way to “travel” and explore distant lands and cultures during a pandemic.

Karyn Reid


Step 1: Choose your membership plan.
Intercambio Standard or Intercambio Plus + plan

Step 2: Choose how you pay: monthly, quarterly or yearly

Upgrade to an annual membership and get two months FREE!

That’s everything you want for less than $2 a day!

  1. Conversation practice with one, two, three or more conversational partners. The only limit is your time and schedule.
  2. Grammar and Vocabulary lessons through our Intercambio Course that give structure to your conversations.
  3. Conversation Guides that include ice-breaker questions, sentence starters, essential vocabulary, and grammar for the topic.
  4. Teaching & practice sessions with our expert teaching team.
  5. Personalized tips and strategies to achieve your learning goals.

Our regular year long courses cost $1,491.00- BUT you can
become a member in Intercambio for…

Standard Plan

💲47 per month


💲139 a quarter


💲470 a year

Plus + Plan

💲67 per month


💲199 a quarter


💲670 a year

I have really enjoyed my experience with Intercambio. It is a professional, valuable, flexible service that provides new avenues through which I am able to study Spanish. I have taken many good classes that have focused on Spanish grammar, reading, and writing, but this program allows me to put those skills into practice in a safe, friendly environment for all levels of Spanish and English speakers.

Nathan Smith

“Thank you for the opportunity to improve my Spanish ability so I can communicate with the parents of my students at school.”

Emily Parkinson

Intercambio has been a fun and very inexpensive way to help forward my Spanish learning. Speaking with native Spanish speakers is invaluable and the program has connected me to language partners I can skype or whatsapp with. It works with my schedule and I can practice as much or as little as I want. It reaches all types of learners – you get video instruction, written instruction, one-on-one practice with your partner(s), and group practice during “office hours” every week. You can ask questions each week and they will be answered in the group. So glad I found this program!

Nancy Harrison

I understand both your time and money are precious and limited!

That is why I am including a Cancel at Anytime AND a 30 day money back guarantee!

If within the first 30 days, you determine this program is not a good fit for you AND your Spanish is not improving – you can cancel at anytime within the first 30 days and I will refund your money. Simply email Leslie at [email protected] and include a screenshot of the lessons you have completed along with the dates you met with your conversation partner.

You can invest in this program with confidence and peace of mind knowing that there is truly no risk! If this is not what you wanted- we don’t want unhappy campers in the program 😃.

For this reason, you can join absolutely risk free! (I’m actually putting all the risk on me 🤪)

Looking for Intercambio success stories you can relate to? Check out these results

Intercambio provides a wonderful , supportive environment for all levels of Spanish/English learners. The lessons are well organized and professionally done. The opportunity to interact with other learners sets this program apart from others.

Tim Dempsey

I have really increased my ability to converse in an amount of time I was not sure I would ever be able to do.

Ryan Wily

I have been a part of intercambio for a year now, and I have noticed that my Spanish has greatly improved over the past year. The last time I took a Spanish proficiency exam was in 2013, when I was getting my teaching license (I teach 4th and 5th grade in a Dual Language Immersion program). At this time, I tested at an intermediate high/advanced low level on the ACTFL Spanish language proficiency tests. I just recently took the ACTFL Spanish proficiency exams (last week), and I scored at an advanced mid level! This feels like a huge milestone for me, and intercambio has made all the difference in terms of establishing weekly and daily language practice routines. Also, now that I have been meeting with the same language partners for about a year now, I have truly enjoyed getting to know them as people, and I have also enjoyed building a friendship with each of them. None of this would have been possible without the intercambio program! It’s exciting to think about, in the years to come, once things are better with the pandemic, planning a trip to Costa Rica! The programs for teachers sound great, and I would love to have the chance to meet my language partners in real life! I hope you know how much I appreciate this program! It has influenced my life in so many positive ways! Thank you for all that you do!

Britta Luteyn

Intercambio is the answer to my wishes! I have been trying to learn Spanish for more years than I would like to admit, and then the ad for this program popped up in my email. It is fun, affordable, and effective. I have a conversation partner which keeps me accountable each week to study the fun and engaging materials provided by Leslie and Rory Foster. They provide many other resources, including “office hours,” which is a fun way to meet online and practice our Spanish (or English). I highly recommend this program.

Juliette Franklin

Intercambio has really helped me broaden my understanding of Spanish and I am getting more and more comfortable speaking the language. What I love most about the program is the structured curriculum, the Quizlets, and the multiple opportunities to practice speaking with native Spanish speakers and learners. I have been able to practice weekly and with the Intercambio community, and native speakers who live in Spanish speaking countries. This has helped me gain a more authentic learning experience. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is serious about learning Spanish. I can’t wait for this pandemic to be over so that I can get the “live” Intercambio experience!!

Bennae Dillingham

Este tipo de ayuda en hablar y escuchar el idioma que estás aprendiendo con personas nativos del idioma nos ayuda mejor y es una buena estrategia en el aprendizaje. Y los compañeros de práctica son geniales en ayudar!

Melsi Gonzalez

This is a wonderful way to improve your Spanish speaking & listening skills. The organization of the course is outstanding. Each week focuses on a theme, and associated vocabulary and grammar topics. The vocabulary is available on the Quizlet phone app (e-flash cards), making it easy to study the vocabulary any time, any place. The lessons provide structure for the conversations with a partner, so there are no awkward pauses trying to figure out what to talk about next. And there is an emphasis on saying what you are thinking without stressing about getting it exactly right. I can sit down and write out a conjugation for many verbs, but coming up with the right form on the fly in conversation is a very different skill that I am developing now. I am very happy with this course, and wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who wants to take their Spanish to a new level.

Susan Wingo

Intercambio is the best thing I could have done for my Spanish. Every week I speak with my new amigos from Buenos Aires and Costa Rica.

Gloria Ballard

El mejor programa, estoy muy feliz de pertenecer a este maravilloso grupo , esto es un reto muy grande para mi hablar con personas del idioma Inglés nativo y tenía miedo de hablar ya que yo soy principiante de habla Inglés con tan solo unas semanas poco a poco perdí el miedo y a demás nos ayudamos entre todos , yo recomiendo a todas las personas que sea parte de este maravilloso programa.

José Ambrocio Xóc Díaz


If you have other questions that are not answered below email Leslie at [email protected]

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS – click on the arrow to see the answer

Is Intercambio right for me?

If you can answer YES to these 3 questions then YES it is a good fit for you.

1. Do you have a genuine motivation to improve your Spanish speaking skills?
2. Do you have a basic foundation of the language you are trying to improve? For example, have you ever taken a Spanish class in high school, college, as an adult? Do you try to use it for your profession? Did you grow up in an area where Spanish was spoken and you used it?
3. AND Are you motivated to boost your speaking ability?

If you can answer YES  to these questions than it’s an easy YES. You are ready to transfer your “head knowledge” of Spanish into your speaking ability.

What is the difference between Intercambio Standard plan and Intercambio + Plus Plan?

Intercambio + Plus is full of more opportunities to learn Spanish language and culture! What is included in Intercambio + Plus that is not in the standard plan is:
– Bilingual book club and and weekly book club meetings
– Movie of the month study and activities
– Song of the month study and activities
– Additional lessons that take a deeper dive into cultural aspects of learning, often through articles, interviews, dialogues.

I’m a busy person, what does a regular week in Intercambio look like? What is the time commitment?

1. FRIDAYS: 1st and 3rd Fridays of the month we release a new lesson and conversation guide. You have a week to study it and prepare for a conversation with your Intercambio exchange partner the next week. We recommend you block out 30 minutes, 3 times a week to study on these weeks.
2. 2nd and 4th weeks of the month: at a time that fits your schedule, you meet with your partner and practice the conversation from the lesson 1 hr. time commitment.
3. 2nd & 4th Thursdays (optional) at 6pm MT, 8pm ET We host “Office hours.” These are optional, come when you can, drop in time to get additional conversational practice in small groups, meet other members in the community and ask any grammar, vocabulary questions you have. The conversational activities are very similar to the live Zoom sessions we had during the challenge.

What are the Office Hours?

Office hours take place on the 2nd and 4th Thursday evenings at 8pm Eastern time. These are optional and a lot of fun! They are additional conversation practice where you will meet other community members, and participate in small gorup conversational activities.

Will there be language lessons in this group?

Yes! The objective of this group is for YOU to increase your speaking ability. The 1st and 3rd Fridays we release a lesson for you to study on your own time. Review the conversational guides and their related grammar and vocabulary lessons to support your conversations. 2nd and 4th weeks, you’ll meet online with your conversation partner(s) and practice speaking together!

Where will meetings take place and do I need any special technology to converse with my language partner?

You will use FREE communication apps, meetings will take place on apps such as: Zoom, Skype or WhatsApp

How do you get matched with a conversation partner?

There are 3 ways to find a language exchange partner…
1. Attend New Members Orientation and we will match you
2. Post in the private Intercambio Facebook Group
3. Put your name on the matchmaking list

What is the weekly time commitment?

On the 1st and 3rd weeks of the month when we release new lessons- we recommend you block out 30 minutes, 3 times a week to study the lessons and prepare for your conversations. The 2nd and 4th weeks of the month are your weeks to meet with your language exchange partner and talk about the topic of the week. You will use the conversation guide to guide your time.

Do I have to have the same conversational partner the whole time or can I set up meetings with a variety of partners?

You may have different conversation partners. We understand that it might take a few times to find a right fit. And there may be several “right fits”. You are not limited to 1 exchange partner.

Is there a limit to how many times per week or month I can set up a conversation?

No, the most important thing to consider is consistency and sustainability. What type of schedule can you commit to for a long period of time to see the maximum language growth?   

Do you have a yearly payment plan instead of a quarterly payment plan?

Yes, we do and it is a price savings. When you register at this link, you can select “annually”

How can we know the person that is learning English like we are learning Spanish will be able to effectively assist with my errors when they may not be able to communicate this in English?

It’s important to know that members are not expected to teach the language to their parter. It is practice speaking with one another. Some partners, depending on their language level and experience may naturally be able to provide more corrections, and others will not be able to. This is precisely why we have expert language coaches to help you navigate the questions and improve your communication. The language coaches will not be live with you in your conversations, but you can jot down your doubts and attend office hours to get your questions answered so you are ready for next time. And of course you can always chat or email us.

I’m wondering if there is some flexibility with the days of the week for conversation? I know my schedule one month at a time so could plan that way but I never have a set day off.

YES, there is flexibility. This is something you and your language partner arrange based of your schedules.

What is your cancelation policy?”

If within the first 30 days, you determine this program is not a good fit for you AND your Spanish is not improving – you can cancel at anytime within the first 30 days and I will refund your money. Simply email Leslie at [email protected] and include a screenshot of the lessons you have completed along with the dates you met with your conversation partner.

Please advise how long the exchange is for (hours at a time) and how many times a week, or do we manage that?

We recommend you meet at least once a week. The amount of time you meet with your partner is up to you and it can vary week by week. We think it’s most important to set up a schedule that is consistent and sustainable for you over a long period of time. We’ll instruct members with tips about scheduling to maximize exposure, sustainability and lifestyle :).

I’m a nurse with a schedule that changes week to week. I’m wondering if there is some flexibility with the days of the week for conversation?

You are not alone. There are other healthcare workers with shifting schedules week by week in the group. There is the flexibility to set your schedule week by week. If you are having a hard time finding a conversation partner based off your schedule we will do all we can to help you.

I have taught Spanish for many years, but I speak Spanish at an intermediate level. Can this program help me progress me to a more advanced level?

Yes, you will be able to boost your intermediate conversational skills in this Spanish English practice group by pairing with a native Spanish speaker and reaching that near-native fluency with structured support and guidance from our language experts.

Why are lessons released every other week?

Good question! Because we all need time to study and process. The 1st and 3rd weeks of the month we release a lesson, this is your week to study the grammar, vocabulary and prepare for your Intercambio conversation. The 2nd and 4th weeks of the month is your time to implement, apply what you learned with your Intercambio partner. Study -implement- study – implement…

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  1. I want to connect with the Spanish speaking population in my town. I want to converse with neighbors, shopkeepers, strangers. My community needs to be inclusive.

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