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Legal Spanish

Spanish for lawyersSpanish for lawyers, paralegals and legal staff.

Learn the Spanish legal terms you need to know for effectively working with your Spanish only clients! Whether you’re comfortable and confident with general Spanish, a beginner just getting started, or you know you need to start learning Spanish – our legal Spanish classes for lawyers are the perfect fit!

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What is the format for legal Spanish classes?

  • Our Spanish for lawyers classes are usually delivered in small groups – we don’t run regularly scheduled workshops or trainings because we want to be able to tailor the language instruction to your specific area of law practice.
  • Your class will meet once or twice a week for 1.5 to 2 hours at a time. We’ll be happy to schedule your course over the lunch hour if that works best for you!

What will you learn?

The reality of legal Spanish classes is that there are so many areas of focus that the content of your legal Spanish class is highly influenced by your small group of peers.

In general, here are some common topics that we cover in legal Spanish classes:

Spanish for the legal office: scheduling, basic instructions, establishing a rapport with the client, basic telephone courtesies.

Spanish for the courthouse: pretrial proceedings, instructions for the courtroom, basic etiquette and logistics of being in court

Immigration: general terminology and questions relating to immigration, and vocabulary to describe paperwork and documentation requirements and processes

Personal Injury: general terminology and interview questions relating to the personal injury situation, and relevant medical terminology to understand and communicate the outcomes of the injury

Business, Finances & Real-Estate law: bankruptcy, tax and real estate law vocabulary combined with phrases for common scenarios in each setting

Criminal Law: Spanish vocabulary and phrases that relate to criminal prosecution and defense, including pre-trial discovery and preparation, courtroom procedures, and sentencing basics.

How can you get started?

It’s easy to get started, Contact Us and we’ll discuss your goals and availability to get started.


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